Ensõ Beta Test are still open & here’s how to sign-up

Since the leaked Ensõ Installer I noticed that people don’t know that you can still get into the Ensõ Beta Test. Thanks to Yifanlu for pointing it out how to participate in the Beta test even now and for his and probably also Team Molecules stand on the leak.

Be aware that this hack can still brick your Vita for good. I’ll mention this a few times but please really think about this.

So what do I have to do to sign-up for the Ensõ Beta Test?
1. Open the Ensõ Beta Test Sign-Up
2. You’ll need a Beta Access Key to participate. According to Yifan this code is “one,two,three,four” without the quotation marks

3. Next, you’ll have to specify the Device that you want to test Ensõ on. (For me that’s a PSVita 1k Wifi only)

4. Next on this site are some necessary questions to ensure that you really are fitted for this Beta Test. Of course, to install this your Vita has to be running Firmware 3.60 and Henkaku. Next, you should know how to install .vpk’s. The following two questions are meant to again make sure that you understand the risk associated with testing Ensõ.

5. If you did that then there’s now only two things left on the first site. First, there’s a text field where you should specify the Plugins and Homebrews you use on your Vita to check for incompatibilities. The list doesn’t have to be exhaustive but you should specify at least the plugins you use. The final question has something to do with if you can read properly. Reading plays a big role in this Beta Test Sign-Up so you should read everything carefully to make sure that you understand everything. That said I won’t reveal how to answer the last question. You’ll find out if you read carefully (or brute-force)

6. If you did it correctly then you can click on “next” and should see this screen:

If you gave a wrong answer you’ll see this screen and you should probably really think about testing Ensõ:

7. If you managed to get past the first site you’ll now mainly have to read, understand and correctly answer so called “test situations” where you are told a scenario and you’ll have to correctly answer the following questions. I’ll post a real simple Preview of the first test here to show the gist of it but nothing more so that you’ll have to really think about this yourself.

As you can read in the Test scenario you installed Ensõ so the first question is a “Yes” and you can also read that you want to check if there’s a custom logo at boot so that’s a “Yes” for “Did you see the custom logo”. That’s pretty much all you need to do for the next few sites. This is meant to check if you can read and understand and further make you think about testing this hack.

8. If you finally got through everything there’s just one thing to do. Enter your Email Adress and wait until you get an Email from Team Molecule that you are in the Beta Test.

I hope that I could help a bit with this and point out to people, not knowing of this, that you can still enter the Ensõ Beta even now.

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  1. Kinda strange there’s so little hype surrounding this. In like a month and a half we’re getting permanent Henkaku! Unless they run into unexpected complications