E3 2017 Day 5:Show Floor Highlights

Now that the last of the press conferences have now been finished, we will have info from the show floor. This means games that got no stage time, potentially any hardware that is on the show floor, and just anything we found cool as hell that we think you may as well.

Nintendo Switch Accessories:

We saw a heavy presence of hardware manufacturers at E3. Some slinging the same ol’ stuff (but they actually had enough for everyone unlike our local retail stores). But there were also some companies bringing new accessories to the table. Here is what we’ve seen shown off so far. First depicted below is from Nyko that is a carrying case for the Switch that can charge it as you go or as you play away from home. The second thing pictured below is also from Nyko for those with lots of controllers. It can charge 2 sets of Joy-Cons as well as a Switch Pro Controller simultaneously. 

E3 2017

The third thing that is depicted is something for those of you who have downloaded Street Fighter II and other NeoGeo fighting games on your Switch, but want to take it seriously. Hori has brought us a beautiful red fight stick (or at least they confirmed the leak anyhow). And then the fourth and final picture below is yet another Nyko accessory. It’s just their take on a charging dock for the home.

More Anthem Info:

It was announced today that the new IP from BioWare, Anthem, will have a familiar name behind it. Lead writer from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 will be writing Anthem. All of which makes sense, because the word floating around at E3 is that EA wants a Mass Effect game that isn’t a Mass Effect game and to get the bad flavor of Mass Effect:Andromeda out of their mouth. Anthem has been confirmed for a 2018 release date.


The game that Nintendo announced earlier this year, Hawaii Shakedown, had a presence at E3 this week. The game is playable.

A Plague Tale-Innocence:

A Plague Tale: Innocence was announced. A multi platform a game that takes place in a time and place where a plague occurs from rats. The teaser trailer has me stoked, definitely take a look at the teaser trailer.

Updated Avatars:

It was announced that “Avatars 2.0,” a newer, far more robust Avatar creator will be coming and that will have so many more options. During XBOX Daily, Microsoft made the announcement. They detailed just some of the changes that are coming. Firstly, these changes aren’t just new items and sliders, oh no. They have an entirely new Avatar creation tool and it’s been made using the Unity engine. They also explained that the system now supports a much higher level of diversity as a result of this new engine. Here are some pictures for you!

No Heroes Allowed VR:

Not to be confused with No More Heroes is the game that only had 10,000 copies printed for the PSP is getting a new iteration for PSVR. The game apparently had a cult following or maybe they just decided to bring it back just because.  Who know, but it transfers very well to VR for those of us who have a PSVR.

RetroN 77:

Now this is a Retron console that I can finally get behind. I didn’t care for other Retrons as they could play all of the consoles that I already have. I know they have extra features, but I kind of don’t care. But with RetroN 77, I can now play Atari games with loads of extra features! The problem with the standard Atari’s nowadays is simply the fact that they’re broken most of the time and the parts are few and far between. But now that we have the RetroN 77, I can play all of my carts with more features like playing in 1080p, having a modern aspect ratio, straight away. No firmware upgrades or special connectors or adapters or anything. Additionally, if you miss the days of old where you could move the cart around in the game slot and it would let you glitch the game, yes, you can do that. You can use dedicated Atari controllers, but USB controllers will be open to you as well. It’s coming Holiday 2017, with an estimated cost of $80.

Senran Kagura:

We were on the show floor and got to see many people playing the newest game in the franchise, Senran Kagura:Peach Beach Splash. Now I know what you’re thinking, no, it isn’t related to that one track on Mario Kart. It’s a 3rd person “shooter” of girls in bikinis and such shooting each other with water guns for the PS4. Now, we have an interview we’ll be posting soon that Hackinformer blogger Mgs2master2 did with the game’s creator during our time out at E3. For now, we got some pictures and a trailer for you to not only get you pumped for the interview but also the dang game!

Ys VIII-Lacrimosa of Dana:

The all too famous JRPG classic got a new game in the series announced at E3 2017 with an obviously gorgeous 30-second teaser trailer. If you’re someone who has played everything else so far in the franchise, you’re most likely going to want to play this one as well.

Walking Dead VR:

There’s not much information on it yet.  But we do know that Skybound Entertainment and Skydance Interactive are coming together to make a series of Walking Dead games. We don’t know if they will all be VR games or if it will just be this game only that will be VR. Time will tell, naturally.

Zwei the Ilvard Insurrection:

We got to see the game Zwei from the E3 show floor, something that they didn’t mention at any E3 press conference. And we wanted to share this new and cute JRPG. Lots of chibi sized characters, lots of adorable villains as well. The game is coming Summer of 2017.


We all knew that the survival adventure game was on its way. The developer of the game, Funcom, has been talking about it and teasing it here and there as well. Now Conan: Exiles officially has a release date. We can expect to see the muscled man hit the XBOX One console as well as PC on August 16th,2017. But the good news doesn’t stop there. Much like how Battlefront II will be having free expansions later, Conan: Exiles has been promised at least one free expansion at an undetermined time in the future.


We touched upon Spiderman the other day when reporting the highlights from the Sony press conference. They closed out the whole show with an 8 minute gameplay video where Spiderman takes out baddies in a building that is being constructed and then fights a boss in a helicopter, it’s all good fun. We went to the booth while on the show floor and were astonished by the pagentry that Insomia and Activision have put together for fans and visitors alike.


Holy crap everyone, after a decent hiatus, sound card manufacturer Creative is back with a new heavy hitter in the Soundblaster family. It’s called the Soundblaster X:Pro-Gaming card. It is a PCI-e type card that provides us with a DAC and a discrete headphone amp and offers 32-bit audio. It even features RGB lighting coloring up to 16.8 million colors. Sounds like a winner to us!

Battlefront II:

As well all know, EA showed off a lot of gameplay during their press conference a few weeks back.  We were able to visit their booth to check out the gameplay whilst making our rounds on the E3 show floor. We have not only the awesome pictures, but the gameplay trailer too that was shown a few days back.

Killer Instinct:

This year at E3, we got to see a new character called Eagle. He’s a Native American character with a long range bow and arrow. He also has an eagle that helps him. The character will be out on June 27th. They worked with actual Native Americans from the tribe that Eagle is based on that. They had them teach them about the dress and the way he should talk. Get ready for the 29th character for Killer Instinct.

Mario & Luigi:

Nintendo just announced a remake of Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga. It will officially be called Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga + Bowser Minions. It will be a full remake of the very first Mario & Luigi game with updated graphics. But this time it will also feature a new Minion Quest mode. In the game mode you will get to control some of Bowser’s “henchmen” as it were. The new game will be for the 3DS family and be released on October 6th, 2017.

CD Projekt Red:

E3 2016 CD Projekt Red stated that they had no interest in updating Witcher 3 with patches to utilize PS4 Pro. They said that they’d rather focus on the games that they had in the pipeline which was Gwent and Cyberpunk 2077. They stressed that it would be something that would consume a lot of time and resources. But now they seem to have changed their stance on that. Not only will they do just that, but they also intend on doing the same for the XBOX One version to support XBOX One X. There is no specific time frame, but us gamers are now better off than we were before!

13 Sentinels-Aegis Rim:

We have a whole new trailer from the developer Vanillaware. The game was announced a couple of years ago at the Tokyo Game Show. The game will be released on both PS4 and PS Vita, a release date has yet to be announced.

Yakuza 6:

We got to see some footage last year of Yakuza Zero and this year we got a lot of gameplay and trailers from Yakuza 6. Safe to say that here at Hackinformer, we’re stoked. We have as much relevant footage we can find and pictures from the show floor as we could muster for you (I want to sell you on this next iteration in the Yakuza series).


Lego Worlds:

Well, I don’t know if you’re going to believe it, but Lego Worlds just got even better. The game is already so labor intensive and requires a lot of power, but it’s actually coming to the Switch. No missing parts or pieces, in fact, it actually will include more than you’re thinking it will. It will not only run the game in full, but it will come with built in DLC right out of the box. The ‘Classic Space’ DLC. The cost of the DLC is noramally $3.99, but it will be part of the game cost for those who buy it on Switch. The game will also get another, currently unannounced, DLC pack with it for free when the game is released this fall!

Monster Hunter XX:

Now, I have to give you bad news. Brace yourself. Capcom announced at E3 that they will not be bringing the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX to the West. Our best bet will be that maybe the version of the game that can be bought from the Japanese eShop and played on any other region of Switch will have English or at least have similiar menus as the 3DS version so that English speaking users can still play it.


Hardware and tech company Tobii had some delightful stuff to show off at E3. They have introduced the beginning of true eye tracking. This will help you aim in games, turn the camera, let the game know when you’re done reading text, and really just loads of applications. They are showing it off running on a laptop playing a game. But they’re also showing off that they’ve installed it in VR headsets (for PC) to really help you aim as well as focus in game.


Day 5 Complete!

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