Psvimgtools-Easy-FrontEnd v1.3 Released

It’s crazy how fast some of these devs are just cranking out update after update of their finest PS Vita tools and tweaks. First, they release something great and then, out of the blue, they update it with better features than it came out with. Well, let me tell you, MRGhidini just dropped another bomb on us this week with his 1.3 version of his ever popular¬†Psvimgtools-Easy-FrontEnd program. Let’s take a closer look.

So here is the changelog that MRGhidini has brought to the table for version 1.3 of Psvimgtools-Easy-FrontEnd:

  • ‘Added ability to listed the names of psp games, through param.sfo.
  • Checking if the cma.henkaku link is active with your internet.
  • Checking that the folders are in the same executable directory .exe.
  • Checking update link.
  • Verifying that the QCMA ID is the same as the selected game to extract.
  • Fixed bug where it finishes running the processes left open in memory.’

As always, MRGhidini credits YifanLu with being the creator of the keys.

If you’re into what he does and want to help him out, donate some money to MRGhidini (it’s always good to help our devs) by clicking here.

If you’re ready to give 1.3 a try, head over to MRGhidini’s github¬†page by clicking here.

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