Adrenaline 5 released, Re-adds “Original” graphics filtering and fixes bugs

After the Adrenaline Update to 4.2 just two days ago Developer TheFlow is back at it again and updated Adrenaline to version 5. Thies new version re-adds the “Original” Graphics Filtering since custom one are causing slowdowns in PS1 Games, Added “Hide DLC’s in game menu” functionality, Fixed a corrupt icon bug introduced with update v4.2 , Fixed a bug with the framebuffer after loading savestates and hiding the Adrenaline icon in Game Menu.

Full Changelog:

  • Added ‘Hide DLC’s in game menu’ functionality.
  • Readded ‘Original’ graphics filtering, since PS1 games have got framedrops using custom filters.
  • Fixed corrupted icons bug that was introduced in the previous update.
  • Fixed bug where the framebuffer was corrupted after loading savestate.
  • Adrenaline icon is now hidden in game menu.

You can either update it with Freaklers Adrenaline Easyinstaller, Update from within Adrenaline or download and install it by yourself.

Source: TheFlow (Twitter)

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  1. Huge improvement to Crash Team Racing with Original.

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