Switch Online Service free until 2018, Get’s PS+/Xbox Live like Game Service

Nintendo finally gave more information concerning the Nintendo Switch Online Service. The Service is needed for Online play as well as exclusive deals just like Xbox Live or PS+. The Switch Online Service will only be starting in 2018 though and until then everyone will be able to play online for free.

After that, you’ll need to buy the Service though. Luckily the Prices are even more affordable than the PS+ or XBox Live.

19.99$ is pretty okay for me in terms of Online service for a whole year. But there’s also the thing that Nintendo Switch Online won’t include free AAA Titles like Xbox Live or PS+ but rather give you access to many old NES, SNES and other games for free.

Lastly here’s a tiny comparison about the differences between a membership and free members:

So what do you guys think about Nintendo Switch Online? I think it’s okay for the price. Nothing more nothing less but I’m interested what you think about it.

Source: Nintendo

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