How to install Emulator Bubbles on the PSVita with any FW.

We only talked about Developer MRGhidini’s version of a PSVIMGTools Frontend yesterday but Hackinformer asked him if he could add our emulator pboot bubbles to his new update which allows for easy installation of PSP Emulators like GPSP for GBA Emulation, SNES9XTYL for SNES Emulation, NEOGEO for NEOGEO Emulation and a few more. With this, you can now easily inject any of these Emulators into a PSP Basegame of your Choice and start playing Roms as much as you want. No more tedious extracting of Basegames, copying the files and encrypting it again.

Version 1.2 Changelog:

  • In Automatic Exploit now has HomeBrews bubbles inside EXPLOITS folder, If you want to add more HomeBrews bubbles you can add straight into EXPLOITS folder, then the program loads it automatically.
  • Added version update message

So how do I inject one of these Emulators into one of my PSP Games?
It’s pretty easy. All you need is QCMA, PSVIMG-Easy-Frontend and a few Roms that you want to play later.
Download PSVIMGTools-Easy-Frontend here.

Where to put the ROMS (the Emulator folders are located inside the “EXPLOITS” folder:
Atari2600: Just create a folder called “roms” inside the Atari2600 folder and put the ROMS inside the “roms” folder.
Cps1: Put the ROMS inside the “roms” folder.
Cps2: Put the ROMS inside the “roms” folder.
GBA: Put the ROMS inside GBA->ROM.
MVSPSP: Put the ROMS inside the “roms” folder.
Picodrive: Just create a folder called “roms” inside the Picodrive folder and put the ROMS inside the “roms” folder.
Snes9xTYL: Just create a folder called “roms” inside the Snes9xTYL folder and put the ROMS inside the “roms” folder.

1. Start QCMA
2. Open PSVIMGTools-Easy-Frontend. Now press the magnifying glass button to use your last CMA ID. If it says “The last QCMA ID was not found!!” just connect your Vita to your PC once and try it again. Next press on Exploits automatic and then choose your basegame that you want to use. If you want to check which ID, which Game is you can try searching the ID here to find the corresponding name.

3. Press OK next and then choose which Emulator you want to inject.

4. Now wait until it’s finished

5. Profit. It’s done. Just copy the basegame back to your PSVita and enjoy some Emulators.


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  1. What if you want to use different emulators? I use 2 that arent in the list.
    PSPVice and PSPCAP32.

  2. And doesn’t work at all for me. Did exactly what it says and I cant see any file getting edited and nothing has changed.
    It says its all done successfully but nothing is done.

  3. Now we need a PS3 Remote Play added. Silica added Major Tom cex pkg installer or dex PKG installer. No more need to edit app.db or IDU mode.

  4. For people, who have any problem or ideia, can post in the forum, and add in the issuing of github, that I will make the adjustments.

    I want to thank hackerinformer for supporting and spreading my work.
    And thanks for the bubbles emulators idea, improved the tool!

  5. This does.not work for me at all..I have the GBA bubble.but I always get error C1-2858-3

  6. I did everything it said and when I copied the altered version of Loco Roco Midnight Carnival Demo it will tell me “An error has occured. (C2-1258-4)

  7. I have the GBA emulator and the ROMs in the ROM folder, but they don’t show up on the vita?

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