PSVita: Another take on Psvimgtools-Easy-FrontEnd

Today we have a different release of a fan favorite. A while back, Team Molecule and Yifan Lu created PSVIMGTools for all of us.It was since let free as open source.  Now that it’s out in the open for anyone to adapt and improve upon, we have a few different versions out in the wild.  The one that we’re talking about today is from developer MRGhidini.  His version added some more features on top of what apready existed, as well as an option for the Spanish language.

Explained in his own word’s, MRGhidini lists the description as ‘a tool that can be used to decrypt and extract backup files PSVita (.psvimg) You just need to know the AID (QCMA Key) of the account that created the backup.  This works on all firmware’s to date, including 3.65. And probably all future firmware’s.

Here are the system requirements that you need to meet in order to be able to use the program:

‘Operational system: Windows 7 (32bits / 64bits), Windows 8 (32bits / 64bits), Windows 8 (32bits / 64bits), Windows Server 2008 (32bits / 64bits) and UP

Target Framework: .NET Framework 4.5.2 – Minimum required

QCMA program installed:

You can find the most current update of MRGhidini’s fork by clicking here.  He also has a Paypal link for donations.  Help him out since he’s helping you out! ALSO, he has his source code posted, if you want to tinker and create yet another fork to help out the community!  It’s great when people within the scene help others within the scene.


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  1. Neither his tool. nor my tool are “Forks” of anything.

    • I am have trouble installing VBHL i have Petz and Loco

    • Well MRGhidini used the word fork. On his main github for it, he explains it as a fork of your work. So I’m going to leave that that way unless he himself changes it. But I will change the wording so that your version isn’t mentioned so as to not confuse anyone.

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