Steam Greenlight Winner 10Ton Ltd. is Back and Needs Your Help!


If you remember, you recently voted for Finnish developer 10Ton Ltd. in the past when they had Time Recoil up on Steam Greenlight.  It was a fantastic game looking game that will be released soon enough (and I will have a review posted on it as well).  But now 10Ton Ltd. needs yours help again with greenlighting their next venture, Tesla vs. Lovecraft!

If you need a little background, a little context, don’t worry, I’ve got that in spades.  Their description is awe-inspiring.  ‘Tesla vs Lovecraft is an arena shooter inspired by the namesakes. Play as the enigmatic inventor Tesla who is the last bastion of reason against the neverending waves of madness. Harness the static energy to power up your Tesla-Mech and give the Lovecraftian nightmares a lesson in horror!

Furthermore, they have some gnarly features, to say the least!

  • ‘Tesla-Mech: An immensely powerful machine of war at your disposal. Mow down your opponents with twin-mounted Tesla-Miniguns, and trample over monsters like they were ants.
  • Quantum Teleportation: Dash forward or even zip through solid objects with this handy gadget. Packed neatly into a backpack. (Includes a warning label about Theseus-paradox, whatever that is)
  • Lovecraftian monsters: If nightmares had nightmares, this is what they’d look like. Monsters so horrible they’ll make you eat up your own sanity!
  • Tesla’s Gadgets: Save the world with a plethora of inventions and gadgets, including (but not limited to) X-Ray Blade and Death Ray Gun.’

Alright, enough screenshots and gifs!  Below is the official Steam Greenlight trailer for your eyeballs to behold! And after watching the fantastic trailer, if you are interested, visit their Steam page to vote for them!  Here is a direct link to the site!


Stay tuned here on for updates on Tesla vs. Lovecraft and a review from 10Ton Ltd’s already greenlit game Time Recoil and also, follow us on Twitter @Hackinformer !

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