New PPSSPP Update! 1.4 Changelog Included

The newest PPSSPP is out everyone! And boy does it pack a punch!

What is PPSSPP? The simplest explanation is that it’s just an emulator of the PSP. But that’s an understatement. It’s a PSP emulator for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. You get upscaled graphics, you get saves that you can use between the PPSSPP and your actual PSP so you can continue on the go, you get enhanced audio, cheat support, official patch support, unofficial patch support and so very much more. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what this thing can do. This is definitely an emulator for 2017! Below the screenshot of the fully featured PPSSPP menu is the current changelog.

PPSSPP v1.4 includes the following changes:
*Support D3D11 (performs better than OpenGL or D3D9 on most hardware)
*Audio quality improvement (linear interpolation) (#8950)
*Hardware spline/bezier tesselation in OpenGL, D3D11 and Vulkan (…)
*Post-processing shaders in D3D11
*Prescale UV setting removed, now the default (improves perf) (#9176)
*High DPI display fixes
*Various fixes for UMD switching for multi-UMD games (#9245, #9256)
*New audio setting to improve compatibility with Bluetooth headsets
*Various desktop gamepad compatibility fixes
*Workaround for mipmap issue, fixing fonts in Tactics Ogre Japanese
*Assorted minor compatibility fixes, code cleanup and performance improvements

You can download the most up-to-date version of PPSSPP here.

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