PSVita: Second analog-stick support for (some) PSP Games on Adrenaline!

The one thing missing with PSP games is second analog stick support on the PSVita. Now you can get some game to work with the second analog stick by going into the setting but not all games work this way.

Long time resident Freakler and number two here at HI, worked on a plugin that would help solve this problem with the second analog stick working like it should be for some PSP games. This doesn’t help with every PSP game out there but there quite a few games this works great on and this is for Adrenaline only.


This does not involve actual game patching but only shortcuts the already built-in camera controls of those games to the analog stick. Depending on the game this will work differently good or bad! Like sometimes there might be a small delay or you’ll only be able to look left or right, but that’s all game depending and better than nothing IMO.

I tested most of the games but if there are any creating problems let me know. I made this for myself in the first place and it certainly isn’t perfect but the source is included on our forums with the download.

Thanks to:
Total_Noob for his DS3remapper

This also works great on the PSTV/ Vita TV with Adrenaline.

You can find the whole list of compatible games that have been tested and work with this plugin here.

Download: camera_patch_lite.rar

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