$10 PSN card giveaway! So you don’t miss out on these PlayStation deals this week

The PlayStation store always has a flash sale or some type of sale each month. Some of the sales are great and other not so great as its usually hit or miss with these sales. This week PlayStation is having another sale but this time with some good titles like,  God of War III Remastered for $5.99 and Until Dawn for $9.99.

They also have a few good PSVita titles that are worth picking up like, Malicious Rebirth for $2.49 and God of War: Collection for $3.74. There are a lot of good PS3 games this sale too but every PlayStation sale always seems to have a good section of PS3 games.

You can take a look at the full list of games here

The winner of this random giveaway is Mugen! Please check your email and spam folder for my email with the redeem code.

Now there is the fun part of this sale, we will be doing a $10 PSN card giveaway to help you get a game or two this PSN Sale. With this giveaway, we will let you do double entry’s but all you have to do is one of them to enter. Ends 3-26-2017 and the winner will be announced on Monday the 27th here and on twitter.

The first entry leave a comment below letting us know what you would like to buy this PSN sale.

Note: You must fill out the comment section below and put in your email address to enter. All email address are not shared and kept private.

The second entry is an easy one, just follow us on twitter and re-tweet the giveaway message to double your chances to win.

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Giveaway message: $10 PSN card giveaway

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  1. I would definitely buy Until Dawn

  2. I heard Puppeteer was great so I’ve been waiting to trying that out!

  3. I´d really like to play Flower or Unfinished Swan. They intrigue me lol

  4. I’m hoping to get twisted metal black on PS4

  5. Id like to get until dawn i recently got into survival horror genre with re 7 and outlast now trying branch out.

  6. I would get Until Dawn

  7. I would buy Jak and daxter, miss the game since losing my PS2:(

  8. I’d buy until dawn or god of War III

  9. I would like to purchase the God of War: Collection with the $10 PSN, in the event that I am a winner.

  10. Until Dawn, no brainer

  11. I wuld get god of war for the ps vita.

  12. God of War III Remastered looks good to me

  13. This savings are cool. I would buy god of war collection (ps vita), wipeout 2048 and motorstorm apocalypse

  14. If i would win this 10 U.S PSN Giftcard i will buy God Of War Collection for PS Vita.Thanks for an chance to win a $10 PSN Giftcard

  15. i will save it until i buy ps3 or ps4 in the future then i purchase god of war trilogy 1 and 2 and 3 god willing

  16. My Vita always needs more love, and that code is just what I need. I’m saving for my PS Plus membership so I cannot afford buying games now 🙁

  17. Twilight Starocean

    i would get Journey

  18. I’ve already started buying stuff, buuuut if I win, I’d like to pick up a couple more games. You know, maybe PSP stuff so I can make the most of the recent PSTV flash drive exploit.

  19. I wish to buy this psn until dawn which I have already

  20. God of War 3 on PS4

  21. Journey Collector’s edition, cause i really really love that game.

  22. I’d get Until Dawn. I never play horror game anyway and I heard that one is great!

  23. I would use the prize to pay for part of the Atari Flashback Collection Volume 2 for PS4.

  24. I’d get “God of War: Ascension” and “Beyond: Two Souls”

  25. God Of War Collection for PS Vita

  26. Until down for $10 is a must have!

  27. Finally I’ll be playing Until Dawn!

  28. I Like to have GOW Collection . Cause its Multi platform
    For both Ps vita and ps3

  29. Freedom wars, God of war for the vita! 😀

  30. Beyond two souls or Until Dawn, love them both but I’m probably gonna be too chicken to try Until Dawn myself lolol

  31. I would get Until Dawn…

  32. I would like to buy GoW3 for the PS4, It’s one of the greatest game, and would be a fine addition to my library.

  33. By the slim chances that I win, I will surely purchase Until Dawn! I’ve been eyeing that game for a while now!

  34. Freedom Wars for PSV for sure

  35. God of War for PSVita, not sure it is worth updating though

  36. Kamil Maciejewski

    Well I would get until down ;D

  37. I would like God of war, for PS 4 ☺

  38. I prefer the God of War collection and Jak n daxter. Im still thinking for the 3rd game malicious rebirth

  39. I prefer the God of War collection and Jak n daxter. Im still thinking for the 3rd game malicious rebirth

    This has the correct email address

  40. I would’t buy anything. I would hang to the wall 😀

  41. I would buy Resogun. Cause then I’ll feel like a winner, regardless.

  42. Jak and Daxter for me. Never tried that game.

  43. Love Sale =D

  44. Let’s keep it simple – I’ll buy games c:

  45. I’ve been wanting to get it for a while no, but I was waiting for some good deal, it’s time for some retro fun, so the chosen one would be:
    Capcom Arcade Cabinet – All-in-one Pack

  46. I’d get God Of War collection and Freedom Wars on my VITA so that I have something to play during my next train trip this summer.

  47. I’d like to buy Freedom Wars while it’s on sale


  49. I would probably get GoW3 since I would love to see that on PS4.

  50. I’ll probably end up getting Kinetica, or Flower, one of those games that I played many years back and never got around to buying. Or Journey. Ooooor, The Unfinished Swan. That $10 would allow for more than one choice after all!

  51. I would probably buy twisted metal.

  52. I would like to get God of War remastered .

  53. I would prolly buy some Freedom wars. Damn is cheap.

  54. Well, who won this? Don’t keep us in suspense!

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