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PSVita: How to install Emulators & Homebrew on ARK-2

Since the release of psvimgtools a lot of people have been able to put Ark-2 on their PSVita or PSTV with FW3.63. Now this brings a lot of newcomers to the scene to enjoy some homebrew and emulators, plus let not forget some of those PSP games that are not in the PlayStation store. So the number one thing we have been getting asked is how do you install homebrew and emulators on Ark-2. Now there is a ton of documentation on thing subject but since a lot of the older guides talk about Ark on different FW might throw people off and they may start looking for some that say how to install on FW3.63.


So we put together a simple video tutorial for anyone needing help installing homebrew and emulators on Ark-2. Also here are some emulators we have put together for you and don’t forget to check out our download section here as its filled a kinds of homebrew, emulators and more.

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