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Why we are not pre-ordering the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo by far has had the most influential role in my childhood and probably same with all of us. The Gamecube, they brought the ability to link up my Gameboy and enjoy some Pokemon Colosseum. With the Wii, they introduced the first real experience with motion controls and now with the Nintendo Switch, they plan to merge our love of consoles with that of handhelds.Nintendo Switch

If you guys have been paying attention to our YouTube channel over at HackInformer HD then you also know that I am a huge advocate for the vita. I even see the Nintendo Switch as a spiritual successor of sorts to the vita. Though this is also what scares me as we all know the unending tale of the vita’s demise. While Nintendo doesn’t seem to be making the exact same pre-launch decisions as Sony did in the past with their propitiatory memory cards. They still have made some questionable moves regarding the Switch that leave me a bit flabbergasted, like their online services.  These exact decisions are the driving force of my skepticism and why I’ve decided to keep my money tightly sealed within my wallet. 

I swear to you that I’m not trying to trigger any of you Nintendo fanboys out there as I am also one.  I would continue on to write a lengthy post on why exactly I have not been sold on buying the switch but luckily I’ve made a detailed video for that.  I hope you enjoy and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like as those always help to grow our channel.


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  1. I don’t think the fanboys expect everyone to preorder it. Just wait and see. There’s plenty of people who will.

  2. I thought the article was going to be “why we’re not pre-ordering the switch” ..because pre-order is sold out everywhere.

  3. didnt know u guys had a youtube channel 🙂

  4. I’m pretty much on the same page: I love my Vita and use it daily. And on top of that, I always liked the possibility to continue playing at home using cross save with a PS4, or simply switching over to my PSTV. And with the removal of region locking, Nintendo is doing me a big favor. One of the first things, I did, when Vita was still new, was to import Project Diva F.

    So I’m obviously interested in the Nintendo Switch, which simplifies that very same process and has a little more hardware power. But there is a really big catch. Or rather multiple catches if you compare Vita to the Switch:

    The biggest problem for me is the third party support. Everyone knows, Vita doesn’t get any first party games anymore. So after a few years of great first party games like Gravity Rush, Uncharted or Freedom Wars, we only have third party support. Which is still okay, because a console lives off third party games.
    But it seems as if the Nintendo Switch is repeating the cycle of the Wii U, to launch with a weird combination of old third party games and I guess, will result in being a first-party-only console again. And that is the complete opposite of what makes PS Vita is so great (it’s huge third party support).

    And on top of that, there are the other smaller things, people are complaining about on the internet at the moment. Like the necessity to have an online abo to play online, but with far superior support compared to PS+ or XBL Gold. You get a game each month, yes. But not only do you have to give that back each month, it’S also an old SNES or NES game. Not a Switch game. From PS+ I get two Vita games, two PS3 games and two PS4 games each month. I can keep them as long as I want (only access is not possible without Plus, but if I reactivate plus, I can access it again) and there are games, that aren’t even a year old. A lot of them are even cross-platform, which makes it more like 3 PS4 games, 4 Vita games and 2 PS3 games on average, each month. So how much does Nintendo want for that? PS+ is less than 5€/$ a month; consequently Nintendo’s service would have to be less than 50 cents, right?

    Don’t get me wrong, dear Nintendo fans. I can see the quality in Nintendo first party games. And I, too, want to play Zelda on that thing. I love the component-base idea and portability a lot. And I think, if Nintendo ends separating its market into two consoles, but instead has one console/handheld-hybrid it will be a real success (Sony should do the same and bring out a PS4-handheld hybrid as a Vita successor). But right now, it’s hard to sugarcoat what is going one with the Switch.

  5. I thought about pre-ordering the Nintendo Switch. But I want to see what bundles they have on offer first. Because at the moment they only seem to be offering the handheld itself, and no games seem to be included with it. I have also read over the internet that they don’t plan to include any games with it. Sure hope that isn’t true. But £270 for a handheld itself, you can’t complain really. (which is said to be $338 approximately) I heard that online will need to be paid for which I don’t have a problem with, it was only a matter of time before they were gonna do that. Nobody ever thought they had to pay for Sony’s online services. But when the PS4 came out that soon changed. Anyway let’s get back to Nintendo, if anyone knows if there are any bundles out there. Please let me know 🙂