3DS: DragonPWN cheat plugin for Dragon Quest VII released

Just like SUMOHAX you are going to need NTR CFW on your 3DS to enjoy this latest DragonPWN cheat plugin by Red. To use this plugin you “simply choose which language you would like to install to your system, open its folder, and extract the “plugin” folder to the root of your systems SD card! Once that is done launch BootNTR, and open Dragon Quest!”


How to use this plugin:

1- Press [Select] to shows up the menu
–> You can navigate in the menu with the DPAD Key UP and DOWN
–> Press A to activate / de-activate a cheat
–> Press B to exit the menu and return to the game
–> You can change the hotkey for showing up the menu by pressing [Start] in the menu
–> You can adjust the speed of the cheats execution by pressing [Select] in the menu
— You can easily navigate in a spoiler with those keys:
–> DPAD Key Left: Go back to the upper line of the spoiler
–> DPAD Key Right: Go to the last line of the spoiler

Click here to download DragonPWN!

If you Would like to request a cheat? Perhaps you would like some assistance with the plugin or contribute towards the project? If so then please consider joining their discord server here!



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