Long time Flashcart team EZ-Flash is back with the 3DS EZ-Flash Redux

Do you remember the old GBA flash cart team called EZ-Flash? Well, EZ-Flash is back at it again and this time they are releasing a new flash cart called the EZFlash Redux to get into the 3DS flashcart Scene.

EZ flash IV


This flashcart supports all 3DS GAMES in all regions. It will only support 3DS up to 10.7 firmware version and support Emunand function in the mean just like Gateway 3DS. But to a lot of us, this is just another Gateway clone but which doesn’t make sense since Gateway is already dead due to CFW. I guess it’s always good to have more competition in the flash cart scene and from an old team that’s been on the scene before. This could also help drive the price down of other flash carts.

The 3DS Redux is going for about $39.99 at most modchip dealers as were the Sky3DS can cost up $100 or the Gateway 3DS is about $60 or $75. I understand why some people use flashcart instead of soft mods, hard mods, game exploits, etc… they want the convenience of a hack/exploit but not having to worry about damaging their system, which is totally understandable.

Redux 3DS2

Basic product comparison list below.

Compare EZFLASH Redux Sky3ds+ Gateway 3DS
3DS Firmware Compatibility 3DS V10.7 to lower version. 3DS V11.2 to lower version. 3DS V9.2 to lower version.
3DS Console Compatibility Same? 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS
Main Function Support 3DS Games. Same Same
Emunand Yes, Emunand 3DS 11.2. No need. Yes, Emunand 3DS 11.2.
Region Free Yes? No, should work with 3ds exploit to run other region 3ds games. Yes
Homebrews Yes? No, should work with 3ds exploit to run Homebrews on 3DS. Yes
Price $35 to $40 $90 to $99 $65 to $70

Redux Features
* The first MicroSD card side plug design in the market
* Direct save to microSD
* Support all region 3DS console up to v10.7
* Firmware upgradable
* Multi-ROM support
* A9LH compatible
* SDHC/SDXC support, maximum capacity up to 128GB
* FAT32/exFAT support
* EmuNAND support
* Homebrew compatible
* EZ-FLASH decades quality guarantee


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