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Hands-on with the CronusMAX PLUS!

Hello, Mgs2master2 here and I am bringing you a neat little device I had the opportunity to use. This device is known as the CronusMAX PLUS. It is an upgraded version of the previous versions (which makes this the newest version of the device).


This small and sleek device is a wonderful adapter for several devices. According to the CronusMAX PLUS website, it works with the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Playstation TV, and Android devices. However, with my hands on time with the CronusMAX PLUS, I found out it works with other devices too. I had a successful test using the ChronusMAX Plus on my Macbook Air. I found this really handy. I will experiment more to see what else I can use it on.

I have some videos with my experiences with the CronusMAX PLUS.

Here it is on the PS4 Home Menu. 

Here it is in-game for World of Final Fantasy.

Here is a breakdown of my experience with the ChronusMAX PLUS.

In all three of these videos, I utilized the Xbox One controller with my PS4. I assumed that would have some sort of lag as I hooked this up and played. However, there was ZERO lag. It was smooth as if I used a PS4 controller.

Below is the website for the device. On here you will find more information on the CronusMAX PLUS, the drivers, and read up more on anything you are curious about.


You will also find a tutorial as to how to work the CronusMAX PLUS as some videos as well.

I want to give Play-Asia a very special shout out for allowing us to the opportunity to get hands-on with this device. I had a wonderful time experiencing it. To purchase this item, Please follow this link.

As a reminder, we have a coupon for Play-Asia where you can get 3 dollars off. The code is INFORMER. Be sure to use it as you purchase the CronusMAX PLUS!

Until next time, Mgs2master2 out!

*I want to give special thanks to Play-Asia for allowing us the opportunity to get hands-on with the device. My personal life took over a bit and I meant to get this article up sooner. They have been very patient when it came to the article. I am thankful they were. You guys continue to remain the best. Thank you again \ ^_^ /

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  1. It is a very handy tool indeed. The Xbox360 controller is very nice on the ps3.

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