Now you can run backup games on the PS3 with OFW 4.70

ps3-backupOver the weekend the PS3 got a little something for OFW (original) 4.70. It’s now able to play backups (pirated games) without needing to downgrade or use a ODE thanks to Russian site and user tukil for this post. The really good news is it works on the newer PS3 slims which can’t be downgraded to use a CFW and the only option for those PS3 are ODE (optical drive emulator).


What you will need:

  • The Disc version of the Game and the Patches for it!
  • Converter:
  • Injector: TrueAncestor – The BACKUP Injector
  • Hex Editor: HxD – The Hex Editor is Freeware
  • make_npdata: (Complied version inside GAME_CONVERT)
  • PkgView: (Latest version 1.3 is needed)

Download: PS3 OFW 470 Tool

Here are the instructions that were translated by Google on how to do this.

  1. Open archive any archive and extract packaged inside the folder GAME_CONVERT at any convenient place, preferably close to the root of the disc.
    (The path to the folder NOT to be a long, contain Cyrillic characters and other signs such as ! @ & () “/ [\]:; | =, )
  2. If you have downloaded the game in an ISO you need to unpack it with the PS3-ISO-Rebuilder or mount a virtual drive. Of all the files we need only folder PS3_GAME , copy it to GAME_CONVERT . This also unpack the archive , containing script-BAT and utility make_npdata .
  3. Go to the PS3_GAME and check the availability of the folder there LICDIR , if it does not exist, then create.
    Generate folder LICDIR file LIC.DAT code of PARAM.SFO games via the PS3 LIC.DAT Generator .

    Purely for reference: manual creation LIC.DAT
  4. Run CONVERT.BAT , continue to enter the name of our future in the game folder format NPEBXXXXX for EU-region or NPUBXXXXX for US-region game.
    (Where XXXXX – five-digit number taken from the disk code name), click Enter, waiting … After the completion of the script, next to the other files will be almost finished with the game folder.
  5. It’s time to unpack the patch (s). This will help us PkgView v1.3 .
    Keep in mind that the patches from US region are not suitable to the EU region of the game, or vice versa, without any special tricks .If the patch is not one, then you need to unpack them one by one in a single folder, updating the files smaller version to the older, agreeing to replace, that is, the folder with the patch v1.01 fill patch v1.02, v1.03, and so on. Keep in mind that patches – this error correction in the game files, and each patch contains not all the files, but only fixed, so each new version of the patch corrects errors in files from previous versions and can include updates, as previously amended files and correction of other game files.
  6. Copy the file EBOOT.BIN from the patch to the folder USRDIR our converted games. Editing, if needed, PARAM.SFO. (Change the version of the game, and the firmware on the exact same as in PARAM.SFO patch)
  7. Finished the game folder and the folder with the patch throws in “TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector \ game”
    Approximately so should look ready patch folder games and igra.jpg
  8. Implement the game folder in the backup on the instructions: ” Step 2: We produce inject in the backup .”
Step 2. Inject in backup
  1. Insert the flash drive in the PS3 or an external HDD, formatted in FAT32.
  2. Go to “System Settings> Backup Utility” and create a backup copy.
  3. To add a game to use the backup TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector v1.70
  4. Drag a folder with numbers “PS3 \ EXPORT \ BACKUP \ 000000000000” in “TrueAncestor_BACKUP_Injector_v1.70 \ backup” folder
  5. Folders with the unpacked game move to folder “TrueAncestor_BACKUP_Injector_v1.70 \ game”
    • [NPXX00000] – The game itself
    • [BLXX00000] – Patch
    • DLC (if present)
  6. Run injector.exe and Recompiling BACKUP with the game – perform points ” 1 “, ” 3 “, ” the S “.
  7. Restoring a backup to the PS3



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  1. I’m on the latest 4.81 firmware. Is their any way to downgrade to this firmware?

  2. save urself some SERIOUS pain and buy the game for 5 dollar second hand i would say 😀

  3. i am on the right firmware but i am not understanding anything in this tutorial remember this is translated by google is so crap.

  4. a spanish guie plz. we need can run pexploit to run this but i dont undertand

  5. Works for The PlayStation super slim???

  6. Is this working on 4.80 OFW too?

  7. I injected a game into my ps3 4.81 and it worked. The thing I’m doing now is trying out an actual disk game out. The game I used was metal slug 3 but It didn’t boot.

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