PSVita: taihenkaku b2 is release with a ton of fixes

Team molecule has just updated taihenkaku to beta version 2. With this new beta there are a ton of fixes and “PSN spoofing is restored but could break in a couple of days when Sony flips the switch to disable 3.61 access. It only works now because 3.61 uses the same platform token.  Please download what you need now”.


Sorry for the messy beta 1. I didn’t want to break my promise of a 11/1 release so I had to cut many corners. Hopefully this should be a more stable beta, although there are still a lot more to do before it is production ready. Although it is still recommended only for developers, it is now ready for anyone to test and report issues. In filing your bug report, please be very specific in your setup (Vita/VitaTV, memory card?, what apps are used/installed, etc) and in triggering the bug (even if it is not possible to always reproduce it). Before filing any issues, make sure it is not listed below in the known issues section and read the other reported issues to make sure you are not submitting a duplicate ticket (submit a comment instead).

If you are not interested in helping test the beta, we recommend that you stick with the old stable release at ( instead. To update the beta, reboot and visit from your Vita’s browser. To remove the beta, delete molecularShell, reboot, and visit instead.

New Features

  • Tons of bug fixes! This should fix random crashes/freezes in installation and usage.
  • VitaShell 1.42 is integrated.
  • Plugin loading support: the parsing of ux0:tai/config.txt should be working for developers. Check out the main development portal for details on how to use the configuration.
  • PSN spoofing is restored but WILL break in a couple of days when Sony flips the switch to disable 3.61 access. Please download what you need now.
  • Version spoofing is done locally in SceSettings now. That means any website that broke because of the version spoofing text would work now.

Missing/Known Issues

  • No cleanup support, if you load TONS of plugins, you might run out of memory.
  • PSN spoofing WILL break in a couple of days. Access might be restored at a later point, keep tuned.
  • Sometimes, right after successful installation, the browser will either crash or show a black screen. This is okay, just press the PS button to exit manually.
  • VitaShell 1.42 settings do not work. This will be addressed by The_FloW in the near future.
  • Package installation from safe mode do not work in molecularShell. This will be addressed by The_FloW in the near future.
  • molecularShell now only shows ux0:. This is part of the move to molecularShell being a safe homebrew while VitaShell has full powers. Please install VitaShell manually to access other partitions moving forward.
  • There is no offline installer for this beta.

Please report any other issues to the issue tracker


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