Adrenaline – a full CFW for ePSP & what you need to know!

A few months ago TheFlow announced that he found another way to hack ePSP with HENkaku and that he would be working on it in this spare time. Well, today he is giving us a quick progress report and telling us that we will at least need one PSP game from the PlayStation Store for this to work. The main reason he is letting us know about Adrenaline requiring a PSP game is,  just in case PlayStation blocks access to the store using HENkaku.adrenaline-6-61

The next big thing to know about Adrenaline is it will be a full CFW and will be on the latest PSP FW6.61. He is also working on quite a few features like, touch, motion, dual analog stick, graphics filtering, savestate, psp/ps1 games loading. Now there is no release date for Adrenaline as TheFlow doesn’t have much time to work on it and is doing what he can in this spare time. So just be patient and I’m sure he’ll give us another progress report in a few month to let everyone know he is still working on it.

So, to be ready for Adrenaline you will need a PSP game from the PlayStation Store. You can use a mini, psp demo, or a psp game for this, while we still have access to the store using HENkaku.

I know that there are two psp demo in the US store, Loco midnight carnival & Petz saddle club, the EU store is Ape Quest and the JP store has at least four psp demos. So grab those demo’s now and keep them backed up for later use.


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  1. So what exactly psp game we need?

    • You can use any PSP game you like but I would suggest getting one of the Demos if you don’t own any PSP Games on your account. If you do own some PSP Games you can also just use any other PSP Game but I would suggest using a tiny one 🙂

  2. You can use IDU mode with PKG installer to re-enable any demos Sony has blocked if you have the rap/rif file associated to your Vita PSN account. Bubble cloning is still possible as well so you don’t “lose” the ability to play that game from the Live area even though you will be able to load anything with this.

  3. What happened to ARK? Was someone working on bringing it to 3.60?

    • He give most of the info to coldbird and they where going to work on it, but TheFlow must have changed this mind or coldbird don’t have the time and is using the XMB like TN-V.