PSVita: MaiDumpTool released an alternative to Vitamin

Remember that game dump of Xanadu that came from a Chinese hacker before Vitamin. Well, they finally released their alternative to Vitamin called  MaiDumpTool V233.0. Their dumper seem to dump more sce_module’s and it also supports plug-ins. Now their work isn’t a rip off of Vitamin as far as we know vitamin source files still haven’t been release.


This is what the Release Notes to say…

Tool Release Notes: Made In China! ! ! !
———————— Version v233.0: ——————
extractable and decrypts the game and patches (including cassette version and the digital version)
● extractable patch (including cassette version and the digital version) separately
● can be installed directly from the folder games
● can decrypt the game comes sce_module and loads
● automatically load ux0: plugins All plug-ins
● retain the original eboot to mai_moe / eboot_origin.bin
● does not support grw game (with the patch file within the cassette)
● does not support some of the rare self loading the game (Uncharted what)
● If the game does not work properly solution (in two tries)
to eboot.bin replaced mai_moe / eboot_origin.bin
delete two reserved sce_module / libc.suprx and sce_module / libfios2.suprx with _m’s
● this version does not support DLC likely next version will be (there may be the next version! necessarily)
● when installing the tool holder can choose to install from a file or pack their own small VPK (because the packaging is too slow 2333333)
● when the DUMP do not lock the screen so as not to keep DUMP failed
● the tool for study and research use please delete download within 24 shall not be used for commercial purposes

2016-09-09-055704I will warn you that its all in Chinese and it seems only your game list will be shown in your native language. With some trial and error to figure it out. From what I’ve messed with, it’s pretty straightforward and shouldn’t take you to long to learn but here is what the options say.

1: Dump Game and Decrypt Eboot

2: DumpPatch and Decrypt Eboot

3: Dump Game without Eboot decryption

4:Dump Patch without Eboot decryption

5: Dump and decrypt Eboot only

6: Decrypt Patch Eboot (Need to have patch dumped, otherwise it useless.)

So if you are brave and willing to have some fun, grab yourself a copy from the links below and give it a try.



Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.

Download the Chinese ver HERE:  or  HERE:

Download the English ver Here.


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  1. Funny how all the proprietary shit didn’t do anything to stop piracy.


  3. maidumper tool version 233.1 english vpk is out go and grab it

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