Release: How to run Homebrew bubbles without VHBL

Before we had HENkaku, we were able to use ePSP and make custom bubbles on the Vita. With the Pboot exploit not getting patched you can still make custom bubbles like VHBL and use them on FW3.60. (Pboot bubbles work on 3.61 but no access to make them, they had to be done before updating.)

Well today, lalalanno posted our forums how you can use the pboot trick to make other homebrew bubbles, just like the VHBL bubble with a easy to use tool that has everything done for you..

Homebrew without VHBL v1.3 tool will download all the files you need to make these homebrew bubbles on the Vita. The only thing is you will need a PSP game, demo, or mini to use as a base, as it’s no different then making a VHBL bubble.homebrew-without-vhbl-1-6



Download: Homebrew without VHBL v1.6 added TempGpSp + Data

Old version:

Download: Homebrew without VHBL v1.5 added Rin the GB/GBC emulator, ScummVM, NEOGEO CD, MVS NEOGEO

Download: Homebrew without VHBL v1.4 added Rin the GB/GBC emulator

I didn’t think we would get so many download request as it keeps overloading the free server we have this on. So here are the emulators in one big RAR file.

Download: Emulators Pack 1.6g

Download: Homebrew without VHBL v1.3

Download: Homebrew without VHBL  v1.2 inculdes SNES, Bookr, and TG16

Download: Homebrew without VHBL V1.1

Once you download the Homebrew without VHBL tool and run it on your PC, it will look like the picture above, click on which homebrew you like to download. Then unzip/unrar the homebrew you just downloaded, for example, GBA.


You’re going to need to use PSVIMGTOOL or HENkaku and Molecule shell with FTP to put the Pboot and homebrew files into the base game you are going to use, like in the picture below.


Now that you put all the files into your base game, all there left to do is turn off your Vita and go into safe mode then rebuild the database, but if you have any app.db mods (custom themes) they will be wiped away.

The other way is to transfer the base game to your PC using cma or qcma then transfer the base game back on to your Vita and it will change into the homebrew bubble.

You can also use PSVIMGTOOL to install the pboot and files to the base game. You can check out this brief tutorial here.

It’s nice to have options like this still but if you have a small memory card you might just want to stick with HENkaku’s homebrew & emulators since you don’t need any base game for them to work.



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I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. I have windows 8 and I just downloaded to run but it doesn’t let me open it because it dangerous program for my system computer. Any idea?

    • Change your user account control settings in windows.

      • Last question, please. I have the N64 ( Daedalus ) and I have some savestates and savegames like Super Mario 64 and it doesn’t read the save file. Do you know if I could help about that? Please answer me, man. I have almost completed my season of Ps vita about the games and bubbles. I don’t need the PSP games as I have the Portable! Thanks.

        • I will update N64 but i need time to make it work please stay tune.

          • Will you upload more versions like 1.4?

          • 2 questions. How can I put the savefiles on N64 as I copypasted them? How can I help the book reader to find the pdf? It doesn’t search them…I don’t know why… please answer me man, I tasted the n64 and it is perfect but the problem is only about the savefiles…

      • Can you please post a more detailed version of this or make a video on it?

  2. LOL I did it spasiba

  3. Could you convert psp isos into eboot.pbp and I install them using this method?

  4. Technical you could but for them to work you would still need a epsp kexploit and the other methods like the rebirth bubble don’t work pass FW3.55 if I recall right.

  5. this is what i looking for long time ago i ask all website but no one can explanin this now i got it. thx you so much hackinformer for this greate tool keep a good work ^^

  6. Vitamin 2.0 released! \o/

  7. wow This is the Great tool can’t wait to try it

  8. i can’t get it work please help me

  9. OMG it work thx you so much OMG

  10. it work but i still need more homebrew like stickice man or mindcraft can you make it more ?

  11. Where can I find the Snes emulator as bubble ans also the pdf folder ebook?


  13. I’m sorry New is already post it

  14. The new link is already post in Source page please go in Source and download it :))

  15. Thx it work and homebrew is also working thx .

  16. Man I am trying to download the rar like gba but it is saying that it is done and transfer but is corrupted.What I have to do?

  17. lalalanno obrigado brother

  18. kkk eu to voltando aqui d novo pq eu baixei o Homebrew sem VHBL mas quando tento baixar um emulador ele da erro agora to sem saber o q fazer

  19. agora sim esta funcionando valeu lalalanno

  20. Were did you get bookr? is not in the list, i really need it…

  21. i will update more homebrew if i have time please stay tune…

  22. Is alpha emulator as gamecude or other emulaotr on the ps.exe above?

  23. how many psp games you’ve downloaded to use this tool?

    • I would say mini games, but pay actually the smallest space of the games you will meet, like cohort chess as almost 7MB or PAC MAN as 22MB. Troppi giochi. Do you know the Alpha emulator is gamecude or else?

  24. any chance of a Homebrew without VHBL v1.1 with snes and pce emu

  25. Plz add TEMPGBA4PSP latest version… instead gpsp

  26. Works like an ice cream dream! Just a question, though… is there a way to change the icon? I’m not digging the reminder that I bought BreakQuest. (It was good on PC… I don’t know what the hell happened with the PSP port.)

  27. Oh wait, deleting the program and reinstalling it from QCMA seemed to do the trick. Now I’ve got the proper icon. My only gripe now is that the Neo-Geo emulator is kind of outdated… it’s version 2.2 and most MVSPSP packages online are at 2.3. Hopefully an update is on the way. I couldn’t replace the file myself.

  28. Please include TempGBA4PSP-MOD at some point if at all possible. No version currently runs on VHBL.

  29. Work like charm awesome Man keep a great job ^^

  30. When i click a emulator it downloads a rar file with 0 bytes. Whats wrong?

  31. Can someone upload it in 4shared?
    Mega is not working here

  32. New update with even more emu.. So thats why some went dead

  33. working thx hackinformer you are the best ^^

  34. What Demo I have to download on my ps vita? Psp demo or it accepts ps vita demo?

    • Any psp demo, mini or psp game will work.. Look for petzsaddle club if you are in the US.. but you don’t care about your account the JP psn store has like 4 psp demo’s you can use.

      NO VITA demos. only psp demo’s, minis or full psp games.

  35. how to read books in bookr?

  36. Ohly Shit it work muhahahah i have homebrew bubble back now LOL

  37. ^^ i hate vhbl now LOL thx hackinformer

  38. Nope it doesn’t work… sorry…

  39. Work like a charm from fw3.36 thx hackinformer.

  40. my question is : does he going to make more homebrew? becos i have too many psp base game here ^^ xD

    • you just had to download only a mini game with the smallest size with the cheap game and you just copypaste with diferrent names with changing the last figures of the folders..

  41. It’s been updated and the downloads will work now. Just hope this server can handle the load.

  42. It doesn’t work,purquoi? its saying complete with download 0 percent sorry for my bad english

  43. wow it working like charm thx man it work OMG

  44. how do you guys make this tool up it work perfectly thx you so much . that what i waiting for long time ago
    i already ask all website but no one can explain this but now it just happen can’t wait to sign in on this forum ^^

  45. snes9xtyl and also neogeo working as bubble wow thx you man

  46. The Super NES emulator needs a lot of work. Aren’t there better ones available for the PSP? Could you use one of those instead?

  47. Thx hackinformer, a question. Do i need to keep buying a psp mini just to get one emulator bubble working. Or can i get a one psp mini and can install all the emulators… If this is possible. Can you show me how..thanks

    • You could clone the one mini, demo, or psp game you are using with HENkaku but I like to use different mini, demo, or psp game each time, cuz if you are going to use them beyond 3.60 you can’t use clone bubbles.

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