Trickery and Trolls in the Vita scene

Every scene always seem to get their fair share trolls but this time some trolls have took it to far in my opinion. So everyone needs to be warned about some people putting out false info and even fake apps or games that could delete your memory or even more. Here are a just a few examples..

vita trick1

If any of you remember, we had a few problems like this with the PSP scene but luckily if you had pandora’s battery you could bring your PSP back to life, if malicious software was installed. With the PSVita/PSTV this is not the case as a malicious app/game could just brick your PSVita or PSTV all together.

So if you are not sure of something don’t download or install it, as its not worth it. I would only trust a few sites for accurate news, like our site of course, and

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