Rumors, dumping programs & playable game dumps!

So the past few days lots of rumors of dumped games have been popping up. Now it seems Team FreeK out of the blue has surfaced as well with a video showing their dumping program and it running as well.

Whether this is real or not it’s showing that soon there could be a dumping program and could even see more dumps as time goes on.odin-sphere-leifthrasir-ps-vita

There also, been another real dump from an anonymous Chinese hacker again and this time its Odin Sphere. Though no one is really sure if this is a real dump of an encrypted game or if it is like the Adventure time game that was a DRM free dev copy of the game.

Now with all this starting to happen its never been more important to make sure you stay safe by not just installing apps and games without being sure its safe first.

Never just install something without knowing its safe, always be cautious of anyone that seems to be new to the scene, since some could try to take this shot to brick you system just for laughs.

If we find anything out here to be true, we will surely let you all know as soon as we can prove it. Till that happens lets just call this some rumors of what could be till we know more.

So for now please play it safe and wait for confirmation of any hacks, dumps, and items that just seem to good to be true.

As always thanks for reading and keep doing it (safely) for the love of the game.

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  1. It’s sad but i think piracy is just around the corner now 🙁 i believe piracy is very real now because an update patch for Tokyo Xanadu (1.04) has been decrypted and working from that same chinese hacker, i have no reason to think that these are fakes or if they are then this person has had access to quite a few drm free testing copies.

    • Its here i feel since there are a lot coming out we just haven’t seen it get to widespread and i have a feeling its going to spreed like wildfire