Vita-Activator for HENkaku released

All of  us have been in this boat once or twice, where you format your PSVita back to stock and forget that you can’t activate it or you will have to update. If you are lucky and have a PS3 on hand you can reactivate it but for most people, they don’t, so they can’t use any of their backed up content. So you either have two options stay on lower FW with no content or just update so you can play your games again.

ps vita activation

Well, Developer  has released the vita-activator and it does just like it says, it activates your PSVita. Also, you will have to compile it and make the VPK so you can install it on HENkaku.

You can check out  vita-activator here….

If you happen to give it a try, let us know if it worked for you in the comments below..

Update: Seems that I missed the vpk file or the GitHub got updated since this morning, but I probably just missed it.



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  1. why compile it? it has already a vpk files in release section!
    and yes it works great ;D

  2. Thanks but how it work ?

  3. i have install and running it but vita-activator said i must insert psn id and password… how can i insert it? thanx

    • Go into safe mode.. and pick option 4 and follow the sets and it will not ask you to update.

      • Ok… I already choose no.4 in safe mode, follow the instructions to insert my psn ID correctly then i run a vita-activator… It ain’t ask user and pass anymore but it said that “Activation data failed to download” Please check these details are correct…

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