Top 5 Wii-U Apps You Need!

IMAG0077Hay all have I got some info for you. I come at you today with the top 5 Wii-U apps you need. Now I know some of these you may have already and some of  you may not but I figure today I would break down with a list of my top 5 apps to have on a Wii-U.

This list will not be in any order and I know some of you will be like what about this app or that app well this is just to get you started and are must have’s in my opinion. You can always check our forums for more as they become available, and I will do my best to add them as they come out.

Let’s start this off with The Homebrew launcher!


The Homebrew launcher by Dimok is one of the most useful apps in this list. It allows you to list and launch elf files located on your SD card, but is also compatible with elf files sent to the Wii-U though the network.

This a must have app for sure and to me should be a starting point for all your homebrew needs.


No list like this is complete without Loadiine  and Loadiine gx2 by Dimok, Maschell, n1ghty, dibas is the best of its type.

This app allows you to load WII-U backups from your SD card while also letting you have cover art and icon support. It is a truly wonderful back up loader also offers many other options.


NNU Patcher by dibas, based on FIX94’s patch 

NNU-Patcher allows you to start the Nintendo eShop on a lower firmware, if you have your firmware spoofed to the latest one available. This NNU patcher was created for The Homebrew Launcher. It is much more stable and allows you to start/exit eShop as you like.


ddd by Dimok

ddd is a WiiU Title Dumper developed by Dimok.
It dumps the data of any title launched on your WiiU.
It can dump all the files from these folders or their sub-folders:
It will automatically generate the cos.xml and app.xml needed by Loadiine when dumping /vol/code
It requires a server on your computer which works on Windows, Linux and Mac.


Homebrew app store by vgmoose

Now i saved this for last as it is your one stop shop for all the homebrew listed here and much more. I love this app it lets you download right to your card and also helps you to update any home brew that might be out of date and that is a big bonus.

Now I hope this will help a few of you out and for all the apps in this list right here in the forums

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.

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  1. Is there an app for launch wii games?

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