Pokémon Go Rant! Where’s the fun at?

Hello, today I bring to you my rant about Pokémon Go.

Before we get into this I need to express I have been a fan of Pokémon since 1998 when I first picked up red and was tossed into the wonderful world of these little pocket monsters.
Shortly there after my daughter was born and I searched long and hard to get every Pokémon show on VHS just so she and I could sit and watch all of them together. Still to this very day I have played every Pokémon game and even have moon preordered. So when Pokémon Go was announced I was eager to play it and even tried to get into the beta and was unable to. So when it was released I jumped on it and started my quest to catch ’em all.Pokemon-GOMy first Pokémon I caught was a Charmander that just so happened to be hiding in my bathroom and my journey began. So I kept catching Pokémon and slowly started to wonder when the game was going to get fun. Then server issues started and the fact I live in an area that doesn’t seem to have many poke stops started to make my experience with the game less enjoyable.


180px-Pokemon-go-blmAs I look online I start to find more and more trouble with the game as people start to get robbed for their phones, large crowds gathering and being accosted, and Pokémon Go nudes are starting to pop up. But I still don’t seem to enjoy this game like I feel I should. The more I play and talk with others that play it becomes clearer that this game is not a game but a lame excuse for a game.

Let’s look at the problem here all Pokémon games have you start a journey collect Pokémon battle trainers, trade Pokémon and build your team so you can defeat gym leaders and hopefully defeat the elite four. This game has lost all of the joy these games had even the bad Pokémon games that were out for the Gamecube were more fun than this.The battle system is flawed and AR is messy at best not only that it drains your battery worse than any other game I’ve seen so far.Cm214D_VUAElx7F

This game has you get outside and find Pokémon and that is a good thing to get lazy players outside to feel the sunshine and get some exercise, yet it hinders the ones who may be physically handicapped or unable to get around easily.

Not only that but churches and strip clubs are becoming places that the game is using as gyms and Poker stops and this is not right. For one no kids should be going to strip clubs and churches whether you share that view should not be abused in this manner. Police stations and fire dept’s, have stop letting this happen and I’m sure churches will soon follow as it can get in the way of normal operations.pokemon-go (1)

I do realize a lot of you are having a good time playing this and going outside for the first time in years but calling this sorry excuse of a money making an app a game is just rude and not something I will be taking part of any longer.

I, on the other hand, see potential in the game to be better and don’t want to discourage you from playing I just can’t play anymore and hope that it doesn’t start to get more people hurt, robbed, or into places that can cause them to be harmed.CnSfBo-WAAAsqTu

What I do want is to hear what you have to say is this “game” the best thing you’ve played in years or just a waste of time? Let us know in the comments and tell us how you feel since it seems there is not going to be an end to this anytime soon.

Thank you for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.

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  1. For me is a waste of time.

  2. say no to smartphones! ;p no seriously i just hate mobile gaming in general and it kills handheld gaming.

  3. Pokemon Go is not Pokemon we are all use to it seems like a complete waste of time collecting the same Pokemon over and over stupid candies.

  4. riddle43

    Smart phone gaming is death to true mobile gaming we need more real games like we used to have not dumb pay as you play games we all need to take a stand for whats right in gaming!!!!

  5. mobile gaming didn’t kill handheld gaming it has just pushed it into a better place to be. Handhelds were garbage and needed to be consolidated to one device and not a constant flow of electronics in your pocket. You do not have to spend a single dime to actually play it. Stating that it is a pay to win game makes this article seem biased. Nothing forces you to purchase anything, you get everything you need just from play. Although given that I am on this site I should already that. Take into consideration that they know they were not making another stale pokemon reiteration but something that falls into the same category as their original application ingress. If it isn’t your cup of tea then spend the time sitting around but calling it a lame excuse for a game is just pitiful.

  6. riddle43

    The game if full of fails, the battle system is bad and doesn’t offer a challenge in catching of the pokemon the trainer battles are a joke as in no move sets are in use just swiping and that lends to no skill as in learning what each pokemon can do its just way to watered down.Also it doesn’t have any of the story that we all have come to love from other games in the series that in it self is a huge draw back for true players.It’s lacking all of there RPG factors that we all came to love from the games if this were just an add on to the games maybe it would be better but this falls short of that.

    • Yeah , but it’s not an RPG , is it? It’s just a fitness app with a pokemon skin on top.
      It is not supposed to have story or to much depth.
      Though I agree that the combat system could improve a lot , if you search for complexity where it is not needed (for example , a smartphone game) you are just gonna be disappointed.
      It is not a full and proper Pokemon game , so stop asking that from it.
      In my opinion , getting this to be a pokemon game like the one we are used to would be very awkward.And maybe some players would like that , but games need to go with the majority’s opinion an to me it looks like the majority is quite enjoying the game.
      Nobody is playing it expecting the same pokemon experience as always , that’s why you should have the same expectations and stop pretending it’s suposed to be something it’s not.
      Te fun is at the majority that really enjoys the game , it’s not that bad , it’s just different and there’s no point arguing over something just because it’s not the way you should want to , though everybody is free to have their opinion. So you are free to replay PokemonEmerald as many times as you want as I am free to go claim the gym at my local church.
      (I hope you don’t take this as an attack to you or your opinion, just a way of telling you that if you don’t care about things you don’t like , life is easier)

  7. i take none of the comments here as an attack as a matter a fact i love seeing what everyone has to say about this I just shared how i felt its not like i feel I am right or wrong i just feel let down by the game a bit and worry that games such as this will outshine good ones. Also if you look at Square Enix they have put out a few phone games and have another on the way and they haven’t lost what the players of there games are looking for and seem to be doing a good job at making mobile games that stay true to there games. So yes I really do want to know how you all feel even if its not how i feel cause if we all felt the same nothing new would ever be made 🙂 so let hear it all the good the bad and the not so nice lol cause that’s what an open talk such as this is all about. I thank all of you for your comments and can’t wait to read more.


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