GPD Win: CPU Upgrade from X5-Z8550 to X7-Z8700 and maybe Z8750

Yes, good news for everyone who preordered the GPD Win. They decided to upgrade the CPU again but this time from an X5-Z8550 to an X7-Z8700. If they can find a reliable supply for the newer X7-Z8750 they will even upgrade the GPD Win to that CPU. Here Is what they had to say about it:GPD Win 3

Dear Backer:

This is a really good news.

As the Intel was canceled Atom series chip,The next generation is Apollo lake,
The performance will be optimized, but the power consumption should be more heavy.We think this series chip will no longer suitable for portable devices.
So we may probably stop the GPD WIN 2…..

And we really hope can make the first generation products to be the best one. Also after multiple performance contrast,We found the performance of Z8700 is much improved compared to the Z8500.

So as many backers expect,we final decided to update the Z8550 into Z8700-Z8750. When mass production,If we can find a suitable supply for Z8750, we will use Z8750.If not,we will use Z8700.

It must be a really good news for your guys.right?

Really thanks for your support again!!

If you would like to snatch a GPD Win before it costs 500$ you can still preorder it for 330$ on their Indiegogo Page.
I hope that they will be able to provide us with a review sample so that we can provide you with further information and tests before it gets released. As for my part I’m really excited for this device 😀

Source: Indiegogo

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