How to get the whitelist hax on the PSTV before updating & activating it

Alright, you might have just got a PSTV since they been on sale for $20 at a lot of places or it’s just never been used. So I figure I let everyone know that the whitelist hax can be done first before updating & activating it. The best thing is you don’t need a PS3 to do this with since it don’t need to be activated, you just have to do a few extra steps.  PSTV 20

Now hopefully most you did some research (whitelist hax) and did everything you needed to the PSTV before you hooked it up and logged in to PSN. If you didn’t do any research on the PSTV and just hooked it up and updated it to current FW to get it all setup, I’m sorry you can’t get the whitelist hax on the PSTV and are stuck with it like it is. So this only works if it’s on lower firmware, brand new, never been hooked up, or updated.

If you did a little research, waited to hook it all up, or just never been updated and of course your PSTV has to be on lower FW from 3.52 and below. You can add the whitelist hax before updating & activating it since the email app works without needing the PSTV beeing updated & activated, it just needs your PSN info in it.PSVita EmailSo what you need is a PSTV that’s on FW from 3.52 & lower and never been hooked up to PSN or updated. Here is what you do, hook up the PSTV like normal but instead of signing up to PSN with your account in the beginning steps, you are going to pick sign into PSN later and use a trail account. Go through the rest of the steps and then the PSTV will restart with a trail account.


Next, you are going to turn off the PSTV and then put it in safe mode by hooking up the controller with the USB cable, then hold down the PS button + R1 trigger + the power button on the PSTV.  Once it boots into safe mode pick option four and go through the steps but this time you’re going to enter in your PSN info and it won’t ask you to update.

pstv livearea

Now the PSTV as your PSN info in it and it’s still not activated or updated, but that’s good, there no need to no worry about that. What you going to do now is use the email hax to dump the app.db to add the whitelist hax ver2 to it before you do anything else.

Before you do the email hack its best to use gmx email service to do this with, since gmail is switching how they do things and gmail may not work with your older FW. So just use to do this all with.

Here’s how you install the PSTV white list hax ver 2, once you have your email all set up on the PSTV.

Tutorials: How to install the pstv whitelist patch ver2

If you are having the picture show up as an ? instead of a picture icon, you will need to do the email reset trick, so it fixes the ? error.

Tutorials: How to fix question mark bug for mailhax

Once you are done with installing the white list hax ver2, it’s best to make a backup of the system with cma or qcma before updating and activating it. Also if you have a PSVita cartridge game like Gravity Rush, for example, you can test it to make sure all of it’s working before making a backup and updating it to activated the PSTV. Now if you had a chance to test it or not it still best to back it up to the PC with cma or qcma. Also to avoid it asking you to update the system you are going to use vita update blocker as it works great for the PSTV to talk to the PC and PS3 without updating.

Downloadvita update blocker

Tutorials: How to use vita update blocker

Now that everything is done and backed up the way you are going to activate the PSTV is by going into the settings and picking PlayStation Network then pick system activation, go through the steps as it will ask you to update the system, let it do that and it will restart the system.vita settingsPSn sign in pstv

If it doesn’t go right back to activation page after updating, just go back to the settings, PlayStation Network, system activation and activate it. That’s it your PSTV is activated and update to current FW with the whitelist hax on it.

If you do anything to mess it up you can always fall back on the backup you made before updating and activating. Just reinstall it with cma or qcma and everything will be back to normal with whitelist hack back on the system.

Note: PS3 Remote Play can’t survive the update or backup

You should be able to mod the app.db files and also add PS3 remote play to the PSTV while you are adding the whitelist hax to it but this has to be done before you update and activates it.

We also still provide a service for people here that missed out on doing the whitelist hax for there PSTV as whitelist hack still works on FW3.61.

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  1. Wait… What? How can you backup your app.db using QCMA? You’ve got to explain this a little better…
    AFAIK, QCMA only back’s up the Games, Music, Videos, Apps…. That kind of content. Not the app.db file itself…

    • When you backup the whole device like you would backup a pc and restore it back on the device everything is there just like it was before, whatever happen.. No different with the psvita or pstv.

      QCMA or CMA is just to backup the pstv once you are done with it. It has nothing to do with the app.db file itself.

      • “QCMA or CMA is just to backup the pstv once you are done with it. It has nothing to do with the app.db file itself.”

        Well…. Infact it is. Because the whitelist patch (ver2) is applied directly to the app.db file. If the file needs to be reconstructed for some reason, the patch is lost… So, yeah…

        Anyways, I’m still not 100% convinced and have to try it myself, but if you say that the app.db file is also backed up in the process, I guess I’ll trust it until otherwise.

        • I also vouch, I’ve done it many times. And HackInformer has done it even more than I have since that was his side business for a little while.

  2. Video Game Person

    Would the current Whitelist allow playback of newer Vita-only games like the Civilization port? Or would I need to go into the list and type in separate entries for those?

    • Hard to say but it makes most games compatible, just like we had a few new releases that didn’t work but had a few tell me they did cuz of the hax.

    • The whitelist does not affect the version required to play the games. If the game needs a FW in version 3.57, even with the whitelist, you won’t be able to play it, and it will ask you to update. I’ve already tried it myself.

      • What he said. But if your question was about inserting a new game which had yet to come out before you install whitelist hack then yes it SHOULD work. The SQL statement, to the best of my knowledge, is set up to auto patch a game on bootup. So in theory, unless Sony decides to change this up later on or add in more security, this should work. It will NOT work if you are on 3.52 and want to play a game which requires 3.57 for example.

        • I guess I should specify a little more… Yes, it should patch a game not originally compatible with PSTV which requires 3.57 on a 3.52 system, but it will not let you launch the game until you update.

        • Video Game Person

          Yeah that’s what I mean. I’m asking b/c I had planned on applying the patch then updating. And I had thought the whitelist only worked for titles specifically mentioned inside it!

  3. It’s possible I just set something up, but the PS3 remote play does not appear to survive the update to 3.60. I may be wrong, but whitelist hack survived just fine. As did VHBL and custom themes. Just no PS3 remote play. It also did not survive the back up process as a restore did not work.

    Not the end of the world as I really only set it up because A I could and B I wanted to try it, but just in case someone else is thinking about doing this.

    Again, may have been my bad and I didn’t set it up right, but just something to keep in mind. I installed on 3.52 and updated strait to 3.60.

    • That’s what I didn’t know about, would the update kill the ps3 remote play or not. As I know the backup it can’t but wasn’t sure about the update part. Thanks for the head up and will take it down and add a new note to this post.

      • Yeah, not the end of the world, but it did not work for me. Glad I was too lazy to update my second PSTV for a long time though haha, happy to help.

  4. Hi everyone, i got a pstv 3.20 and perform the whitelist v1.

    I would like install this with the backup(QCMA work) from this device to my other pstv 3.60

    After deploy the backup on my 3.60 device not working. Any idea why?



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