The PSVita & PSTV finally get Twitch app

It may feel like it’s been forever since the PSVita got a new app. Since all the app keep getting flushed like skype just bit the bullet a few weeks ago. Well today the Twitch app comes to the PSVita, now this app was only to watch your favor channels not to stream anything from the PSVita. Just like the PlayStation live app this is just another streaming service app but at least PSVita and PSTV owners will be able to watch Twitch streams since they are very popular at the moment. Basically, the PSVita app, lets you tune into live and pre-recorded gaming sessions then lets you follow the channels you can’t stop watching.

twitch vita

The Twitch app is only 16.7MB so its not a big app that will take up a lot of room on those super cheap memory¬†sticks( yeah right cost just as much as the vita). I’m just glad to see the PSVita and PSTV get a little something other than being left in the dark by Sony.

twitch vita2

Now the app does run a little slow and I would say its about the same as the Netflix app on the vita when it comes to navigation and speed. Once you have a channel up and running its fine and the stream doesn’t lag. It’s a pretty simple app and real easy to navigate and find what you ‘re looking for.

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  1. work on 3.18 ?

  2. It would be great to download it via ps3 to psvita (im on 3.52 btw)

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