Files released for 3DS Exploit SmileBASIC


About 6 days ago, mrnbayoh announced that SmileBASIC was a new exploit for the 3DS that worked on FW 11.0. So if you had no way of running homebrew on your system, this was a great way to do that. Like normal you had to get it before it was too late and pulled from the eShop or maybe you could find a hard copy out there, also this exploit is US only for now, even though it was said to have JP support. Now like most exploit, they get announced and you have to wait for the files well today is that day.


What’s needed:

SmileBASIC version 3.2.1/US. Only this version is supported, for now, some others will surely be added later.

A 3DS firmware between 9.0.0 and 11.0.0

A little bit of patience

How to install BASICSploit

First time:

  1. Download the latest version of the Homebrew Starter Kit:
  2. Extract it to the root of your SD card.
  3. Create a project named BASICSPLOIT in game.
  4. Create a new file named DOWNLOADER.
  5. Write by hand to the previous created file the downloader script corresponding to your version.
  6. Make sure you’re connected to the internet and launch the script. It should download all the necessary files and then run the in-game menu.
  7. Once the in-game menu is open, choose the “Download/Update” option to download the hax payload.
  8. Once the payload is downloaded just launch it with the first entry of the menu.

You can get the script needed to do the second time here.


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  1. What ever happened with Freakyforms Deluxe – can it exploit FW 11.0 yet?

  2. Even though I already have a 3DS on 9.2, I hope this allows for others to go to the golden firmware.