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Our Review of Hitman Episode 3

Hey all, It’s that time again. Time to shave the head, tie the tie, and never smile. It’s time to become the Hitman once again. Today I will be reviewing episode 3 of the Hitman game. This will be a bit different in the case of how my reviews go. Due to this being an episodic release. Let’s dive right in shall we?

You start in a small alleyway surrounded by tons of people, so it’s easy to blend in. But with this many eyes it’s also very easy to get noticed if you are doing something you shouldn’t. For example, picking a lock (or worse) killing or subduing someone. By far, episode 3 Marrakesh, has been the most heavily guarded and difficult level to get around in.HITMAN™_20160627040758 I didn’t discover or enjoy any special ways to take care of the objectives this time around. Not to say there aren’t any, but I went with a more direct approach this time around just to see how it would go. I started off getting a camera man outfit which you can find early on in the stage. Met up with a news crew and filled in as freelance.HITMAN™_20160627042303 This took me right to one of my targets. After hearing the target in his interview I crept upstairs and waited for him in his office.


A suppressed gunshot later and he was down. I stashed his body in a closet and away I went to my next target. This time I wanted to be a bit more clever. After about 30 minutes, I’d say, of trying to figure out the best way to get there I finally got in. Unfortunately for me it was filled to the brim with guards. Heavily armed guards at that. I honestly moved around like a mouse until I found a lone guard. Time to get into another outfit I thought to myself. I subdued the guard and dumped his body where it wouldn’t be found (out a window into an empty alley). With that out of the way, and a nice new outfit to sneak around in plain site, I made my way to the target.20160630202540 I found there was no real way to him directly so I had to think about how to get him to come to me. Just so happens, not all his men actually like him it seems. I found two bad mouthing him and right in a room with an intercom system, lucky me! I flipped the switch and left. 20160630202608

Now all their words and opinions of the target, who is a General of theirs at that, was being broadcast all over the building. It wasn’t long before he came to have a nice little chat with these two outstanding gentlemen. Right above them was the remains of a bathroom. I could see the scolding they were getting from a big hole in the floor. Just so happens a toilet was dangerously close to that hole in the floor. I thought, It would be a shame if this fell on someone not important. Oh! I should kick it onto the Generals head.20160630202718 Which is exactly what I did, and the outcome was hilarious! Just like that I was done with the mission. All that was left to do was to leave. That took another 5 minutes.

All in all this mission was long but not as thrilling as the past two episodes. I found myself wanting more creative ways to kill like in the past two. There are plenty of ways to take out your targets here, don’t get me wrong. Just none had the pizzazz of the previous levels. I ran it a few more times to try out other ways, but none really wowed me. Regardless, the level is nice, and definitely more challenging in my opinion than the past two. It also has a more serious tone at the end. The story is shaping up nicely in this Hitman game. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

But, not everyone will enjoy it, especially those without a stable internet connection. As stated in my previous reviews, you need to be online to play and progress as well as get the unlocks for the stages. Kind of a downer if you ask me. All that aside, this is the review of Hitman episode 3. And at the end of the day I would give this episode a 6/10. It’s not bad, but it lacks for some reason compared to the other two episodes. But I am loving the story so far, and I can’t wait until the next episode. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it much sooner than I did this one.

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Stay Safe and Happy Gaming!

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