3DS: CIA forwarder for 3DSX homebrews released

Developer rinnegatamante has just released a very convenient tool that can convert 3DSX homebrews into CIA ones, well not really convert but more like forwards it execute. Of course, you are going to need CFW on your 3ds to enjoy this.

You can find a lot of 3DS homebrew on the net these days and they all seem to come in different file formats, for example, 3DNES is an emulator in 3DSx file format. Now with this new tool, only simple homebrews can be executed since it doesn’t have a menu, so you may find some like 3DNES that might not work. You can find more homebrew for your 3DS here that you could try converting.


3DSXLauncher Loader is a CIA forwarder for 3DSX homebrews. It means you can “convert” a 3DSX homebrew to a CIA ones (in reality it’s not converted but it’s just executed with a modified version of hblauncher_loader by yellows8). At the moment only simple homebrews can be executed with this (since there isn’t a menu to, for example, apply rules from descriptor files) and when you’ll try to exit from an homebrew, it will be restarted automatically (cause a system reboot is needed to return home menu. This is what hbl by smealum does in original hblauncher_loader).

How to use:

1) Place your 3DSX homebrew in files folder
2) Optional: Customize banner, icon and SFX sound in files folder
3) Exec the bat file and follow the on-screen instructions
4) Place the pl folder from the result of the process in the root of SD
5) Install the resulting CIA file


Download: http://rinnegatamante.it


Version 1.1 released!

Change log:

– Minor bugfixes in the batch script
– Now 3dsxlauncher_loader supports any kind of 3dsx homebrew (descriptors are supported and title selecting too).
– Now when exiting from the launched homebrew, a system restart is performed causing a return to the home menu as it should be.
– Slight changes to the “conversion” process. (Follow the onscreen instructions in the batch script.)
– Now homebrews are loaded from /3ds as it usually is.

Download: 3dsxlauncher


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