A totally new Game Manager for CFW PS3

If you own a CFW PS3 you might have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity with new homebrew releases, but every so often something pops up. Developer  has just released a totally different and new game manger for CFW PS3’s and it has a lot of new functions that could help you manage your game collection better.

PS3 game manger

The software is written in PHP and Javascript, runs on Apache web server (or any other web server supporting PHP and running on Linux) and uses Webman APIs to control the PS3 remotely from any computer browser and any mobile device.

It completely eliminates the need to use Webman or Multiman with the joypad to launch games from the PS3 itself.

A version that will be able to run on a Windows web server supporting PHP will be also released soon.

A brief list of the features is:

  • Automatic recognition of the game ISO file and automatic download of the CD cover and all the game details from Metacritic (Game name, Release date, Score, Description, Publisher, Developer, Category)
  • Very nice web graphic interface and extremely easy to use.
  • Launch and Umount games straight from the web interface.
  • Reboot and Shutdown the PS3 from the web interface.
  • Enable disable game data for external USB drive connected to the PS3.
  • Monitors and displays CPU temp, Internal PS3 HDD free space, USB external PS3 HDD free space, the total number of games ISOs added.
  • Automatically keeps track of every time you play a game and counts the times adding a IOS style badge to the CD cover displayed on the web page search results.
  • Ajax js interface to search for game name, description, category, publisher, developer in real time.
  • Order results by Metacritic Score, Last played Games, Date Added Games, Games Never Played Yet, Name and Random selection.
  • Easy configuration and installation.
  • Voice recognition (English only so far).
  • Lots more features to come.


  • LAMP environment (Linux+MySQL+Apache+PHP) in a VM or on a real machine.
  • Network share folder containing the PS3 ISO files and PS3Netsrv++ to share the files with the PS3.
  • PS3 modded and Webman installed.
  • PS3 accessible via the internal network.
  • A lot of joy of playing 🙂

Download: PS3 Game Manager


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  1. Hello to all,

    I am the developer of PS3 Games Manager and I am very happy to announce I have released the latest version of my application.

    It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the community with my application.

    I have started coding it to help my daughter 5 years old launching her favorite games using only her voice and she loves it.

    PS3 Games Manager v0.34b (beta), is an entirely new and revolutionary manager for the Playstation 3.

    The software written in PHP and Javascript and IMHO contains a number of new features that will make the administration of your games and your console a completely new experience.

    You can test a fully working online demo at the address http://ps3-demo.fazionet.com/ .

    PS3 Games Manager is available for download on gitHub at the address: https://github.com/francesco2013/PS3-Manager/releases/download/0.34b/PS3-Manager-0.34b.zip.

    It is very important for me to receive your feedback in order to improve the application and make it better for the whole community of PS3.
    Please let me know what you think and open requests on gitHub for bugs or problems with the installation.

    Thank you so much,

    Francesco Fazio

  2. Hello all,

    I have released a new version of PS3 Games Manager 0.40a.

    Here is the changelog:


    Importing of the Games ISOs and all game details from Metacritic is very fast now.

    Real Time Monitoring of the PS3 Hardware Statistics the following values: PS3 Uptime, Game Currently
    Mounted, Actual Playing Time, webMAN Version, PS3 Firmware Version, PS3 Free Memory, CPU temp, Internal PS3 hd free space, USB external PS3 hd free space, Total number of games ISOs added.

    Keeps precise track of all the time you play a game.

    Displays the total time you have played a game into the game details.

    Several other bug fixes.

    I suggest everybody to upgrade to this version since it is definitely a big update 🙂

    Thank you so much,

    Francesco Fazio

    • Hi,
      like your project, so I want to try it… on my Synology DS214SE.
      PS3netServ already running fine on it.
      Installed Webstation, MariaDB and phpmyadmin,…
      As I am more ore less a novice in linux things, I have questions…

      e.g. my isos are located in /volume1/PS3/PS3ISO and webman working fine so far
      changed the path for the isos in the different php scipts…ok

      I am confused with the other path, e.g. WWW LOCAL PATH….???
      Webstation creates a folder /volume1/web
      I copied your files to this folder…/volume1/web/ps3-manager/ ….ist this right?
      Do I have to create a folder called “html”??
      Am I mixing sth? Why is the original folder calles ps3-manager-master?
      Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello AQ,

    I have released the version 0.42c with a lot of improvements.

    The new version is available at http://ps3-demo.fazionet.com. The support page is available again and it is now a forum when you can drop any question you wish.


    Francesco Fazio

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