Twitter launches a new app called ‘Twitter Engage’

Twitter just recently launched its new app/service, aptly named ‘Twitter Engage’. This new app is mostly targeted towards big people, famous people, Influencers, in a way, ones who have lost count of their followers. This allows your average celebrity/famous person to engage better with their fans and followers. As good as the Twitter we know, Engage to is designed to be extremely user-friendly and give an overall a pleasant experience almost without any hassle.

Now, Engage calls these people, ‘Influencers’ , simply, impactful people. So in your feed, as an Influencer , mentions and follows from other Influencers will be prioritized.”

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Engage brings with it, one of the most efficient ways to track and analyze your post stats. Allowing you to view audience demographics and a real-time feed. 

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Engage also reviews your posted Images and Videos , enabling you to track how each and every post is doing individually.


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That’s about it for now, and keep in mind that this is just the start, we don’t know what Engage’s future holds, yet.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of news.

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