DragonBox Pyra: A Mini PC That You Don’t Want To Miss!!!

Hi, Everyone!! It’s riddle43 here and I like to introduce you to the DragonBox Pyra!!Render-FrontLooks like 2016 is becoming the year of the tiny PC’s and we here at Hackinformer say Bring It ON!!!!!!!!

Many companies are buying for there shot in this market and one of the best I’ve seen thus far is the DragonBox Pyra.

The DragonBox Pyra is a combination of a miniature PC and a video gaming console that fits in your pocket, for all you need on the go with a few tricks you wouldn’t expect from such a small package.pyra

The DragonBox Pyra is an opensource, no spy-software included, no registration necessary,full-featured Desktop-Linux-PC that fits your pocket, open for everything and everyone. Designed and produced in Europe, avoiding slave labor.pyra2

  • Technical Specifications:

The Pyra is built in a modular way and consists of the following three boards:
1. Mainboard
2. Display-Board
3. CPU-Board
These boards can be individually replaced by the user, i.e. when a new model (like
a more recent CPU-Board) becomes available, the system can be upgraded easily.

  •  Base-System including Mainboard:

High-Quality speakers, analogue volume wheel
 Headset-Port, Built-in-mic, HDMI video out, Force feedback vibramotor,
 Ultra-portable: approx. 139 x 87 x 32 mm
 Huge battery for a long battery life (6000 mAh)
 Gaming controls (D-Pad, 4 shoulder buttons, 6 face buttons)
 Two accurate analogue controls with push-button functionality
 Adjustable backlit QWERTY-keyboard
 Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1
 Dual SDXC card-slots
 2x Full-size USB host (one can be used as a eSATA connector with a small
adaptor), 1x micro USB 3.0, 1x micro USB (Debug and Charge circuitry)
 Fully configurable RGB-LEDs for notifications
 Optional: 3G/4G and GPS module, various sensors

  • Current CPU-Board:

Texas Instruments OMAP 5 SoC
2x ARM Cortex-A15 @ 1.5Ghz with NEON SIMD
2x ARM Cortex-M4
PowerVR™ SGX544-MP2
Vivante GC320 2D Accelerator
 4GB RAM, 32GB int. storage

  • Current Displayboard: 

720p 5″ LCD
 Resistive touchscreen


The Pyra is small and compact (only 13.9×8.7×3.2 cm), yet extremely modular.
Designed to be modular it is user upgradable both the main board, display board and
the one that has the processor and RAM are individual boards.


Designed to be easily repaired or modified – one screwdriver is all you need to
take it apart.


Multiple real USB ports, Game-controls, backlit keyboard, replaceable battery, SDcard slots. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, optional LTE mobile internet with GPS and various sensors, and you can also Use it as a desktop PC by connecting a HDMI-cable to a monitor.


The Pyra uses an ARM processor and comes equipped with a Debian GNU/Linux
operating system. No accounts or registration is necessary to make this device
fully functional.

A similar device is not currently available on the market.

Crowdfunding for the DragonBox Pyra began May 1, 2016, at midnight German
time (UTC+01:00). In just three days, together with the pre-preorders that have
been placed in October, the campaign has taken almost 600 preorders. More than
enough for the minimal quantity of a production run (which would need 500 units)
and almost 75% of the total amount needed to start a larger production run with
1000 units.

All pictures of the clear system, are just prototypes the finished systems will be a sold color and not transparent.

I hope you have enjoyed this little taste of whats to come and would like to thank you for reading.

More information can be found at  www.pyra-handheld.com

Pre-order info can be found here  www.dragonbox.de/en/45-pyra

As always keep doing it for the love of the game.

About riddle43

Do it for the love of the game.


  1. Dang, so this has just entered as a player with PGS and GPD Win. At least we have choice!

  2. The biggest issue I see is that it uses an ARM processor, so Steam and Windows are definitely not an option. Emulated games and free-software games will probably run in this, however, and as long as it runs PPSSPP and MUPEN64 at full speed, it can find its niche.

  3. No one’s going to run very graphics-intensive games on any of these mobile devices (though streaming is possible) — even with x86 on the GPD Win and PGS. It’s the quality of the code and its optimizations at that point which matter, and who is optimizing things for x86 (when they usually target desktops with cycles to spare)? The community behind the Pyra has continued to make a lot of amazing things happen for the ancient OpenPandora, and they’ll remain doing so for the new device. There’ll be no shortage of games to play on it, homebrew and emulation alike. Oh, and I want a device with longer battery life, too, so don’t give me too beefy a processor.

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