GPD Win: Current status of it’s Portable Gaming Console

Some time has passed since we reported about the GPD Win and we got news about another Portable Gaming Console which will maybe be ready before christmas. The GPD Win successfully made it through their Indiegogo campaign and we also got some first looks at the Prototype together with some changes to both hardware and software.

Lets begin with some looks at the first Prototype.
GPD Win 2

As for the Hardware part they decided to change the Micro USB 2.0 to Micro USB C 3.0 which will allow for faster data transferring and charging. As for the Software part they will now allow the left thumbstick to be used as a mouse wheel in Mouse mode which was requested by various people.

The Retail Price will be somwhere around 499$ but it is still on a discount on Indiegogo. The Discounted Price seems to be 330$ but I couldn’t find any real information about it so please corect me if I’m wrong. So If you want to get one for yourself but 499$ will be too expensive for you, you still have time to buy it on Indiegogo.

I’m curious to see this in action and see some Benchmarks running on it :D. What worries me the most is how good the passive cooling will work out. As for the rest the device looks portable and the buttons seems to be at reasonable positions. I guess this will be a nice little transportable PC with enough power to let you play even some newer AAA Titles on fast graphics settings.

If you want to have a fully updated list of the complete Hardware you can find a list by me here
f you want to buy the GPD Win or just have a look at its Indiegogo page you can find it here

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  1. I’m so ready for these superior handhelds to blow the Vita out of the water.

  2. Can this maybe run xb1 games?

    Because a mobile xb1/steam machine is nothing less than a dream

    • I think it can stream games just fine.

    • Well if you’re talking about the New Xbox One then it should be able to stream the games just fine, same for Steam. With WLAN AC it should be easy to also stream from your Steam Pc 😀

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