What does Lucky Patcher do to Android games and apps

There have been a lot of hacks for android games / apps, a majority being edited APKs to grant users’ wishes of unlimited resources or buying paid-only items. Another method for offline games was ‘GameCIH‘ a.k.a ‘CheatEngine’ which most of you might’ve used on the PC.

This was all until ‘Lucky Patcher’ came, it’s a good root utility, also allowing frosting and defrosting.
It mainly specializes in patching stuff, as the name says. It can directly patch games with a modified odex, allowing you to apply patches specifically made for Apps or use some standard patches from Lucky Patcher’s library.

So basically, what we’re focusing on what Lucky Patcher does to some games, but we in no way endorse doing stuff like this, as it is illegal, this here is only for educational and showcase purposes of what Lucky Patcher does.


So for our example, we’ll be messing with ‘Color Switch’ with ‘Lucky Patcher’ 
So first off, Download and install Lucky Patcher like any normal apk. (Just google it as it’s all over the net)
Next, open the app up and look for our target application in the list.
Once you find it, tap on it once, to yield

media-20160504 (3)

Next, tap on ‘Open Menu of Patches’


Then, ‘Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation’
media-20160504 (1)

Hit Apply, then let the process finish

media-20160504 (2)

Once it’s done, hit launch and go to any InAppPurchase , for example.

media-20160504 (5)

Click ‘Purchase’ or whatever brings up the payment options. But this time you’ll notice a change, a window from Lucky Patcher pops up..

media-20160504 (6)

Just hit ‘Yes’ and Voila!

media-20160504 (7)

There, you’ve successfully changed the IAP.

In case your app starts crashing , you can revert back to normal by removing the customized odex made by Lucky Patcher

media-20160504 (3)

Just tap on Tools and then ‘Remove odex with changes’


So, that was In App Purchase cracking and what Lucky Patcher is really used for.
Also, keep in mind that this won’t work with server-sided purchases, where the server has a database with your game statistics and they are loaded from the server every time, for ex. Supercell, Vainglory, Hay Day, etc.

Once again this is for educational and showcase purposes of what Lucky Patcher does.

Hope you enjoyed my post..

Demolasher36 signing out for now, ciao!


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