PS4 dlclose exploit fully implemented for FW1.76 with Linux loader

I know a lot of really want a CFW for the PS4 but that’s not going to happen for a while as there’s a lot more to it than just having an exploit. There’s been a lot of progress going on when it comes to PS4 scene, as a lot of skilled full dev’s have been adding more tools and documentation all the time. Now the last piece of the puzzle has come together to run Linux on your PS4 with FW1.76.

Yesterday zecoxao pointed out a fully implemented PS4 dlclose exploit for FW 1.76 on git hub from kR105, “now you will need to add your own payload code to make it do anything useful“. ps4 jailbreak

“You will also need  to compile it with CTurt’s PS4 SDK which you can get here”

Download: PS4 dlclose exploit
Download: PS4 Linux (needs to be compiled)
Download: A Compiled distro of Linux for the PS4

(Quote from wololo) Update: As pointed out by CTurt, you can simply download the compiled Linux files, put them on a FAT32 USB stick that you’ll connect to your 1.76 PS4, and test directly by going to the PS4 Playground live Demo here.

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  1. I hope we will be able to play linux games after failoverfl0w were working on the 3D drivers

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