Both Leaked Nintendo NX controller images are fake

Yesterday we reported on those Nintendo NX leaked controller images, well today they have been proven fake. Now these fake images are some of the best I’ve seen on the net and it sure fooled all of us yesterday. Both people that have made these fake’s have come out and posted a youtube video on how they did it.

This is the first one that was photoshopped and here’s the video on how he did it.


Now the second leaked image, these guys really went out of their way to make a fake controller with a laser cutter and 3d printer. Here is the video on how he made it and he even say’s why he did it.

Nintendo NX 2

What I find funny is that all these fakes are based on this patent from Nintendo. What do you think about this whole mess, let us know in the comments below. NX

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  1. Hahahaha like total noobs vita tv mod

  2. This was extremely obvious. I’m surprised you guys didn’t already see it was confirmed fake by the time you got around to posting the fake leaks in the first place.

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