PSVita Tools coming to PS Multi-Tools Application

Developer SvenGDK has announced that he will be adding PSVita tools to his PS Multi-tools and from the picture below, you can see that it’s going to have some handy tools for the PSVita like the eml generator. Other then the picture below we don’t know what else he will add to it or what you see is what you get.  psvita tools

If you’re not familiar with PS Multi Tools it’s an all in one toolkit for the PS3 & PS2  and it also offers the newest firmware & homebrew downloads within the software. Here are the features of PS Multi-Tool. psvita tools1

PS3 Tools

  • Manage PS3 Games (Uncompressed or PKG)
  • Sign PKG Files
  • Format Large External HDDs in FAT32
  • Modify PARAM.SFO Files
  • Decrypt & Sign EBOOT.BIN Files
  • Compare MD5 Hashes
  • Convert PSX Game to PS3 PKG
  • Convert PS2 Game to PS3 compatible Game
  • Download PS3 Covers
  • Compress or Extract ISO Files

PS2 Tools

  • Manage PS2 Games (ISO or uncompressed)
  • Easy SMB Setup to share your ISOs within your Network
  • PAL to NTSC ISO Converter
  • NTSC to PAL ISO Converter
  • Various ELF/ISO Loaders
  • Compress Games into ISO File
  • Extract PS2 ISO Games
  • Format HDD to use with your PS2
  • Download PS2 Covers

With this new update to PS Multi-Tools coming soon, it will be nice to have more tools for the PSVita and especially when it has quite a few things you might need all in one tool. It would also be nice if it would offer PSVita firmware & homebrew downloads like it does for the PS3 but we just have to wait and see until it’s released.  You can check out PS Multi Tools v12 here with PS2 & PS3 tools only.


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  1. Nice. Cant wait for the release.

  2. Velly nice

  3. Is there’s any new hack for psvita running 3.57ofw

  4. This is really nice. I can’t figure out how to install Rejuvenate, but I guess this can do it for you?

    • hackinformer

      Yeah, this might be that little helper rejuvenate needs, you still have to get the license files renew ever day but that’s easy stuff once you have everything step up.

  5. Is this running on 3.57 ps vita?

    • hackinformer

      This is software for the PC and this is not for the Vita itself. These are just tools for the psvita.. Please read the post as it has nothing to do with the psvita on 3.57

      • Ok, I got it confused with vitashell. I thought it was another internal pc application for the ps vita. My mistake.

  6. i am happy for the fact that devs are still working hard
    sometimes people over wololo will say things like vita is dead and all
    but i hope one day we will all take good advantage of what vita can truly offer
    dreaming 🙂

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