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How to install 6.61 Infinity + Custom Firmware
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logo   How to install 6.61 Infinity + Custom Firmware

Working for PSPs models: Fat, Slim, Brite, Go

Difficulty: Easy

Time: approx. 15 min

Brick risk: Yes

Credits: Davee

  • a PC, a PSP running CFW already
  • 631.PBP & 661.PBP (for PSP Go! 6.31 & 6.61) firmware updates
  • Infinity Release Page
  • LME or PRO firmware files

  • Infinity itself is not a custom firmware; instead it allows the flexibility for users to install any compatible CFW they wish.

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    Step 1: Downloading and preparing all necessary files

    1) Download the PSP firmware updaters for 6.31 & 6.61 (for PSP Go! 6.31 & 6.61) and rename them 631.PBP & 661.PBP (if they shouldn't already)


    2) Download the two archives from the Infinity Release Page and extract them

    3) Connect your PSP via USB to the PC


    4) Copy all the MAKER, FLASHER and STAGE folders to the ms0:/PSP/GAME/ folder

    5) And add both the 631.PBP & 661.PBP to the MAKER folder.

    If done correctly you should now have these 3 programs on your PSP


    Step 2: Building the Infinity firmware files

    6) Start the 6.61 Infinity Firmware Builder


    7) Let it do its magic..


    8) And once the process has finished Press to exit back to the main menu

    Infinity_Maker_FW Making_finished.png

    Step 3: Move DATA.MFC to FLASHER

    Note: This DATA.MFC is unique for your device. Never use this file on a different PSP!

    9) Reconnect your PSP via USB to the PC..


    .. and move the freshly generated DATA.MFC to the FLASHER folder.


    Alternatively you can of course use PSPFiler or any other homebrew if you like!

    Step 4: Flashing Infinity firmware to the PSP

    10) Now start the 6.61 Infinity Firmware Flasher


    11) Agree to the terms if you are aware that there still is a chance of a brick whatsoever!


    Infinity_Firmware Flasher Flashing.png

    12) And once its done Press to reboot into 6.61 Infinity!!!


    Note: Your settings will go corrupt and be reset, that's normal!! Just skip the bluescreen by pressing and re-setup language, username & time/date.


    First step done! You are now running the 6.61 Infinity Hybrid Firmware!


    Step 5: Installing the Custom Firmware of your choice

    I want to install the..

    Step 6: Setting up the Bootloader Config

    13) Now the last thing you need to do is start the Bootloader Config to set up the autoboot into the Custom Firmware you just installed.

    Infinity_Bootloader Config Main Screen.png

    14) Go to the left to view the Configuration settings for Infinity. All you need to do here is pressing to enable the selected custom firmware for autobooting.

    Infinity_Bootloader Config CFW Module Screen.png

    Optionally by going to the right, you can check for updates and download the newest version of Infinity directly to your PSP!

    Infinity_Bootloader Config Update Screen.png

    Done! You are now all set and your PSP is perma-patched!


    Special thanks to Darthsternie for the screenshots

    Alternatively: Video Tutorial by The Zett via youtube


    Infinity Release Page

    FAQ & Troubleshooting

    The Infinity programs won't start at all?

    Are you running a CFW already?

    In step 4 I recieve the - Error opening DATA.MFC - and it kicks me back to the XMB

    Make sure you copied the DATA.MFC to the FLASHER folder. Start over at step 2 if the error persists.

    Can I use this on my Fat or Slim PSP? Is it better compared to normal CFW?

    Theoretically yes but its not necessary and not recommended for hackable PSPs.

    My PSP won't start anymore after the flashing process.

    Infinity comes with a recovery feature (hold L on boot), see if that still works.

    Last updated:
    July 4, 2018