3DS: Smea releases Hax 2.6 for Ninjhax, OOT3DHax, & SmashHax


Smea has updated the current payloads for Ninjhax, OOT3DHax and SmashHax. As expect FW 10.6 has officially closed the doors for BrowserHax and MenuHax. We recommend not updating to FW 10.6 or you lose access to the free options to load the Homebrew Launcher.

hax 2.6

However Smea has added a new function to the payloads all across to allow returning back to home menu. This is a useful feature and it much faster than the current reboot option available. Some bug fixes are also included and we recommend updating your payload to all users. If your wondering if The Homebrew Launcher cia option can use the new payload, your covered. Just simply replace the boot.3dsx with the Hax 2.6 version and your good to go. You can grab the latest release here and spread the news my friends.

3ds hax2.6

3ds hax2.6_2

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  1. Arm9hax often?

  2. I have a n3ds xl hyrule edition with a r4i card. Which would be better the flash card or the oot/smash hack. O have both digital games. I’ve been using a flash card for along time and like it bit the lack of a gba emulator or steady snes emu is a downfall. Can someone explain the perks of the hacks. I’m not new the hacking community just the 3ds hacking scene. I have 2 vitas 1s hacked, 1 ps3 hacked, jxd7800b hacked, galaxy note 3 rooted, he’ll even my moto 360 smart watch is rooted.

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