Raspberry Pi2: Retropie 3.5 the best version of them all.




For the past week, I have been playing around with the Raspberry pi2; retropie ver3.5 and I got to say its pretty solid this time. In older version sometimes emulators just wouldn’t work or games that worked now froze. In this new version 3.5 most of the bugs are all worked out and emulators that didn’t work now do.



With version 3.5 I notice dreamcast was right on the front of it after installing it, so I gave that a go and loaded up a with games. I was surprised that some games ran fine and others didn’t, like Street fighter vs SNK worked fine with a few sound glitches, so some game may work good enough to play but other like Sonic not so well. All said and done it’s a big improvement for the retropie but it need some more work.Dreamcast pi2

Next I tried the PSP (ppsspp) that was another emulator the surprised me as it would play every game I made it play but now some of the game were not full speed like GTA Vice City and Starwars were not playable. There was a few games I could play like DBZ, Street fighter, Coded Arms, but that’s all I tested. So you have a 50/50 that your game may play at a playable speed but at least, all the games will load now.

Of course, the retropie has been able to do N64 emulation for a while but it had it slow downs. With the pi2 a lot of game where playable now but there were a few with problems still. All these emulators have made some big improvements and with this version of retropie, you can see that it just needs some fine tuning to get them run just a little bit better.

For the all the other emulators like NES, SNES, TG16,32x, SegaCD, FBA/CPS3, and the others worked flawlessly. The joystick controllers work for each one but there always that one like Mame where you had to manually configure it. You can use FBA/CP3 to play some Mame games where the controller already works. My retro SNES controller worked great and the same for the PS3 controller, it also is very easy to use FTP transfer with your pc network on, to put games inside of it or just use the USB way.

retropie pi2

Retropie 3.5 is the best emulation station for the raspberry pi and even better for the pi2. So if you had issues before I’m telling you that this new version is the best of the best and you really won’t see them. So give it a try and download it here..

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