How to setup lessHax for the 3DS

lesshaxThe lessHAX is a modification of Smea’s homebrew launcher ROP and code. If your familiar with MenuHax then your well aware of the boot rate success and the debug code that comes with it. The aim of this project is to increase the boot rate success, make MenuHax look more professional when booting to CTR Boot Manager and CFW. Keep in mind that this is optimized for FW9.0/FW9.2 users. If your looking to clean up your 3DS and make it awesome I will guide you thru the process.


Old/New 3DS FW9.0 & 9.2 (US/EU/J)

RXTools CFW Tutorial

MenuHax setup

CTR Boot Manager

my boot.cfg file



Homebrew Launcher cia file


  1. Download and unzip all the necessary files.
  2. Use the RXTools Tutorial first.
  3. Boot sysNAND.
  4. Add an internet connection (DO NOT UPDATE YOUR 3DS)
  5. Add this URL on your 3DS browser and click on the appropriate link to launch the homebrew launcher.
  6. Navigate to MenuHax Manager.
  7. Use whatever MenuHax configuration option you want to use. (Recommend option 2 and R for the trigger to launch sysNAND)
  8. Turn off 3DS and place SD Card into the PC.
  9. Replace the MenuHax Payload [Root of SD Card] with the appropriate lessHAX payload from the lessHAX folder.
  10. Rename the boot.3dsx from the CTR Boot Manager folder to less.3dsx and place it in the root of the SD Card. (Do not use the included boot.cfg)
  11. Place my boot.cfg file in the root of your SD Card.
  12. Place the menuhax_imagedisplay.bin in the root of your SD Card.
  13. Place the SD Card back into your 3DS
  14. My boot.cfg will boot straight to the Boot Menu
  15. Launch emuNAND and install the Homebrew Launcher cia file with FBI to access the 2.5 payload. [To maintain full homebrew compatibility with the Homebrew Launcher.]
  16. If you want to cold boot RXTools you need to navigate to the more option in CTR Boot Manager.
  17. From there select Settings
  18. Set Timeout to 0
  19. Set Default to RXTools with Pasta CFW
  20. Set Bootfix to 8 (Old 3DS) / Set Bootfix to 2 (New 3DS)
  21. Set Recovery Key to L



I hope you enjoyed using my personal setup and let us know what you think about our MenuHax Splashscreen. Share your comments and pics with us on twitter 🙂



Team Hackinformer signing out


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  1. Since i already have the menuhax along with boot control already on emunand which files do i rename or copy to replace the current setup?

  2. My boot.cfg is just for instant theming and has the boot options ready for new cfw users. It’s completely optional. The pics show the theme and available boot options

  3. Thanks i will give it a go after the walking dead new ep is done and get back to you.

  4. So i did what you said and all seems ok up until i try to sucessfully run homebrew cia it will act like regular but then the bottom screen is red and top is black and wont go to the less menu tried 6 times and no luck launching it. It was working fine before installing less hax. I tried to reinstall the homebrew cia and still get the same results i am using reinand on n3dsxl by the way.

    • Make sure your homebrew launcher file is named boot.3dsx and is in the root of your SD Card. That should solve your issue and make sure to set an active internet connection to make generate its own payload file.

  5. hey 8 bitbang you gotta correct the issue the trick to arigatos issue should be corrected you have to make a duplicate copy of the boot.3dsx then rename that to less.3dsx keep both on root of your sd and the homebrew cia will launch to the less hax menu. Also recommend not booting straight into any cfw just best to leave the options as is with the timeout as -1 in options as changing it to boot straight to a cfw will freeze up the 3ds.

  6. Wow my reply showed up pretty late for some reason anyway glad your able to make note of the issue but like i was mentioning its best to have the settings on the default for timeout due to freezing at times if booting straight to cfw well at least with reinand i get this issue.

  7. hello i tryed sll the steps put when i click on it freezes want m i doing wrong

  8. im haveing trouble booting into rxtools it wont let me keeps freezing

  9. Thanks! Works like a charm?

  10. rxrrols keeps freezing for me