Smealum shows off WiiU ColdBootHax & redNand with Homebrew

SMEA, a well known Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Developer who has gaven us a Homebrew Launcher and kernel access, he is expanding his frontiers, to work on the Wii U console and now he is demostrating what his new Hax  can do, apparently called, ColdBootHax in the video below.

The ColdBootHax, like the name, explains it, you can see it execute software when booting the console and guess what kind of software he is running?…CFW for Wii U? This CFW is called RedNAND and it’s a work in progress project, that probably won’t see the light of day anytime soon, but this goes to show you that it’s out there.

Highlights from the video:

  • Right now, there are no plans of releasing this project.
  • Is capable of installing channels (Apps) and launch Homebrew into the system.
  • The RedNAND CFW starts instantly thanks to ColdBootHax. But keep in mind that the hardmod shown in the video does not has any relation with the exploit.
  • Takes 20 seconds to boot up but it could improve with further development.

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SMEA’s has been working with Plutoo, Yellows8, etc. This does not have any relationship with the Hykem exploit either.

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As a matter of fact, Hykem confirmed it himself:

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With more research about the matter, we found out that this particular exploit is executed on the latest firmware 5.5.1. So if you have updated your console, there hope for now.

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We hope to hear more about SMEA’s work soon but not get too excited because it could take time for this project to see the light of day.

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