PlayStation TV whitelist hack still works on FW 3.57

Just a few days ago PlayStation released it’s latest firmware 3.57 for the PSVita and PlayStation TV, at the time we didn’t know for sure if it patched the whitelist hack for the PSTV. When they released firmware 3.55 they did not patch the whitelist hack either but you must have done this hack back in firmware 3.52 before updating for it to work.wpid-20160126_114355-1.jpg

Now I figure the whitelist hack was still working because custom themes were still working in firmware 3.57 but we had to make sure and thanks to  for testing this we know for sure that it still works. If you want to update (which I don’t recommend) make sure you backup the whole PlayStation TV without the memory card in it and just to be safe make a backup with the memory card in it.

It’s best to play it safe and have more than one backup with and without the memory card. Also, make sure that the whitelist hack is still working after you made your backups (It’s better to be safe than sorry..) and  I would also make sure the backups work with the whitelist hack still intact before doing any updating just to be safe. Next make sure you never update the live area or the whitelist hack will be gone and you will be stuck with the original whitelist for the PlayStation TV, but if you made backups you’ll be ok just re-install them via cma or qcma. I’ll say it once again if you plan on updating your PlayStation TV with the whitelist hack make sure you back it up with and without the memory card in it. It’s always best to play it safe.

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  1. Thank you, i was waiting for this news. Also thanks for the hint with the backup

  2. I own a brand-new PSTV with firmware 3.30, but I don’t know how I can activate my account without updating it, and this tutorial isn’t working for me (, I guess it’s because my PS3 firmware is up-to-date. I really would like to use this whitelist hack, but I don’t know if the E-mail trick will work if I try to do it now. Can someone help me, please?!

    • You need to use vita update blocker with the PSTV so it won’t ask you to update when talking to the PS3 or PC..

      And here a guide to Active it.

      • Ok! I was finally able to activate my account without updating the firmware by using the vita update blocker. However, the whitelist hack did not work, even though my current firmware is 3.30! By the way: I’m using a Japanese account, so I don’t know if this is a problem when using this hack. Maybe this hack was created by North Americans to work with US accounts?…What you guys think?

        • Make sure its not connected to the net once you do the hack as the games will check sony server and revert back to the old whitelist. Next there are 2 whitelist hacks you can do and yes this work on all FW from 3.52 and lower..

          • It seems I have a bigger problem now! I removed the memory card that was activated by the update blocker trick and tried to use it in my regular PS Vita (it worked fine), and when I tried to use it again in my PSTV, there was a message saying that I needed to update to the latest firmware in order to read the memory card, or else, I would need to format it. Meaning that I would probably need to make the process of copying a PS Vita game from my PS3 to my PSTV all over again, and most likely every time I turn-off my PSTV! I don’t know if this process will make an account activation on each attempt, but I’m sure it’s at least pretty dangerous! I don’t know why the heck this happened! Did I do something wrong?

          • No you can’t swap memory sticks around like that. If the Vita was on 3.52 you could use the memory card swapping trick. You will have to format the card and put the games back on it for it to work on lower FW. This doesn’t mess up the activation of the PSTV just the memory as it went to higher FW and can’t go back to lower FW.

          • YES! Finally after many hours of trying basically everything, I finally got some results! I was able to get one game that was not supposed to work on the PSTV to run just fine. However, there was certain games that just wouldn’t work no matter what, and they would give the same regular error message that would be displayed before the Hack was activated. So, What are the things that I can and can’t do now? Can I turn-off my PSTV or I just can never remove the memory card? Is there no way to transfer save data from other memory cards while using the update blocker hack? Well, it sees the way point of this post was to inform that the whitelist hack would still work even after updating to the latest firmware, huh? If I got this Hack working, I have no need for other Hacks, so I could update my system…but I’m scared! I don’t know if it will really keep the whitelist! So scary!

  3. F****************k!!
    I just bought a PS Vita TV (I’m in Japan) and wanted to do the hack, but updated it to 3.57 without checking beforehand that it would still be compatible.
    And according to you, without having done the hack BEFORE 3.52, it’s dead, right?
    Holy f…, I bought it only to record games, but now it has mainly become a useless device (as I have the Vita already).

    Do you think there’ll be a way soon to hack it again? Well, hack… it actually is enjoying something I bought and that should be working with the games they sell for it…

    • Bring it back and go get another one.. most people think it will play all the game so that is your excuse when you return it. At the moment no there are no new ways to hack it..

      • Ha!
        I bought it second hand, as here Japanese stuff is sold more expensive than abroad (go figure…). Still more than a hundred bucks instead of 40-50 (brand new one I mean).
        Well, I’ll wait then…
        Thanks for the reply 😉

        P.S. to the staff: did you know that seems to be blocked in Japan? I’m using TOR to connect. Otherwise it shows that it’s offline, with the “retrieve for a live version” button (that is obviously effing useless).

  4. Just to report that I was able to use the whitelist hack and then I updated the firmware to 3.57 and it still works! (but not with EVERY game). I don’t know if I should remove the memory card from the PSTV and use it on a normal PS Vita, though…Probably there will be no further problems…probably!
    Anyway! Thank you guys! I’m really grateful for your help!

  5. How does this 3.57 update effect DLC for whitelisted games? Some people reported that their blacklisted games still played after updating to 3.55, but downloading DLC for said games disabled the hack.


    im on 3.57 🙁 how i can do for this hack works on my Playstation tv?

  7. Yes we have all that on our guide.. always check out the guide.. here the link to the post from the guide..

    Then we have the FW in our download sections too.

    • Thank you for the tip. I see your site has a section explaining how to download PSP games via the PS3 and then install them on a PSTV. Does this option work for Vita DLC too? And if so, should I be concerned about the whitelist? I’ve heard stories about DLC disabling the whitelist hack on 3.55, not sure about 3.52 though.

  8. Hey, just wondering many months later, since this still works by doing it previously, has there been any word of anyone getting banned on PSN yet after going online or syncing trophies? Either way I intend on just playing a few games that aren’t originally whitelisted then upgrading the firmware even if it eventually does not work anymore.

  9. I just bought ps tv from a second hand shop and it been updated to 3.60. Does anyone know if this hack is still being worked on or am I just screwed.

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