PSVita: VHBL for Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS+ (EU) released & should work on 3.57

Just a weeks ago 173210 announced Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS exploit to run VHBL but at the time, it didn’t work on the EU or the US it was just JP release. Well, we have some good news as he just released Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS+ and it’s for the EU.


So if you bought this exploit and were little upset that it didn’t happen, today just goes to show you the 173210 doesn’t give up that easy and released the exploit found by  as he was hoping this exploit would work but didn’t. Now like it says in the tweet below it should work for 3.57FW but no one has tested it yet.

Now when it come to the bubbles there no need to worry as the pboot hack still works  for homebrew and emulator bubbles. Once you install Vitaftp you can even make your own VHBL bubble too, so if you like to know how to make your own custom bubbles check out our guide on them here.

Download: Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS EU

Download: Debug ver Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS EU


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  1. I’ve been trying to get it to work on 3.55, but it runs the exploit then blackscreens with an Error: C1-2858-3, Am I doing something wrong, or does the exploit just not run on 3.55.

    Sidenote: When I replace the main files with a homebrew game it starts to load it then crashes

  2. Niiiice, About to test this in UK

  3. how do i put emulators on VHBL?

    • I got the emulator on,how do i put the game in to make it load on VHBL?

      • How did you get the emulator installed?

        • I downloaded Daedalus_R13. When you downloaded an emulator, extract it on your pc then you should get a folder. Put that folder in your Psave data folder. Then go on your CMA when you done that, then go on copy content. Click Pc to PS Vita, Click Applications, then go down to Psp Other. You should have the emulator in there, Copy that, when thats done. Go on to your VHBL, go on to save data. and the emulator should be in there. Press X on the emulator and Press Install.

  4. Hopefully hackinformer can tell us lol

  5. Damn, can this be fixed?

  6. I’ve used the FW 3.55 Vita Blocker where I bought and subsequently withdrew the game yet but it somehow does not. this immediately bite and leaving a black screen. Then I tried there, the game shuts down, and I was back on the menu Vita. Perhaps some better version comes out.

  7. It is possible, but whether it would be possible to do a version for fw 3.55 I followed the instructions 3 people. I tried 2 files. I rewrote the Pc Save up game after copied to Vita and subsequently gave Load and pressed X. Then I set match, and subsequently edit the message and Vita returned to the Home Page appears. I am doing something wrong ?

  8. Has anyone got anything working on hbl yet ?

  9. Does it please someone on FW 3.55 ??? Possibly put to download the files thank you.

  10. You can also use the onemenu on vhbl which will install emu/homebrew in a vhbl folder and you might have better luck getting everything to run.

  11. It is possible that it does not work because of a Sony correct? Probably doing something wrong on FW 3.55 because I every time, no errors will not, but just turn off the game and returns to the menu .- (

  12. So I just wanted to make sure everyone knew what they were doing when installing Homebrews with the new exploit as I’ve heard a few people are lost. Create a folder on your PC called PSP, within that folder create another folder called VHBL, You will be placing your homebrews within this folder. Once the homebrew you’ve selected is within the VHBL folder (Warning if your homebrew is an emulator, only selected emulators work with this exploit check my twitter for the links- @T3CHHI3F) Archive the folder as a zip with the name being INSTALL.ZIP and select store as the “compression method” (warning if you don’t use store as the “compression method” VHBL will not recognise it) Once you have a file called INSTALL.ZIP place this is a separate save of MSG and transfer it over to your computer, This is all we need the computer for. Now we have a vita with the save that contains your homebrew boot VHBL and click L2 to make your way to a screen called Savedata (this will only be true if you’re using the native HBL loader) click on the save you have placed INSTALL.ZIP in and HBL will install it, once this is all completed if done correctly you will find that your homebrew is now on your PSvita under VHBL, Enjoy 🙂

    Any questions feel free to ask me on twiiter my user is @T3CHCHI3F

    • 1) Do you have gmail?

      2)So,all the instructions you mean that apparently we can play like gpsp or Daedalus on 3.57 (Eur)?With short info,what do you want to say? :p

      • yes i test it it ‘s working on 3.57 all emulators…..

        • What!!!!!!My goodness!!Congratulations!!!You are amazing anouar 😉 .Could you please to tell me with short info how did you do that and if you can give me some like about that?

          • What do i do?


    • So it has to be the european version, but there is no american version that it can work on.

  13. 138 menu is the best solution to install homebrew. And back to the vhbl to play the game from vhbl installed homebrew. Believe me it works..

    Make 138 menu as your way of installing homebrew whatsoever


    After that return back to vhbl to play the games. (Because 138 menu hang if you start the game there)

  14. I made a psp folder, then made a VHBL one inside it. Then i put Snes emulator and game file in the VHBL folder. Now I right click on PSP folder and click archive and rename it to INSTALL.ZIP with compression method on store, I press ok. Now what do I do with that INSTALL folder that I just got? Please help!

  15. VHBL will always have to run through the game and then save or it is somehow so I do VHBL to 3.55 embarked on a tour?

  16. I’m at the part where I got the from making the psp folder. I made a psp save folder to put in my save data with the inside it. When I go to use CMA to transfer it to my vita, it comes up saying corrupt file why?

  17. iam new to vita my i ask can i install VHBL with out buying the metal gear? like the email thing method ? in 3.55?

  18. I just bought the ps vita slim pretty sure im running version 3.57 k so now I just learned that I could use emulators on it im googling everything on it and cant seem to find a good site where it tells me step by step on HOW to hack to get emulators on there and how to get games on it like from step 1! can anyone help me that would be sooo awesome! thank you !! :0)

    Step 1: Hack?
    Step 2: Get VHBL on it?
    Step 3: Get emulator on it?
    Step 4: Now what? lol :0)

  19. Just read some of the old guides as nothing has really changed. Next the downloads for emulators it doesn’t matter. First you need to buy -metal-gear-solid-portable-ops+ from psn then download the files that are on this page in the post. Then take the file you downloaded and get them into the psvita with your pc and cma.

  20. Since you need to make an EU account, does this mean once you go through the hack and get VHBL on there, does this mean your stuck with your EU account and wont be able to access the US store??

  21. Yup you are stuck on the EU account unitl you change it back.. Just easier to buy a used vita on older fw at pawn shops..

  22. And let me guess….if you change it back (requires formatting?) then you lose VHBL and have to reinstall?

  23. Is there an exploit for vita 3.57 us? want to put emulators on my vita please help!!

  24. Hi,

    I can open VHBL through the exploit. In wMenu 0.4 I install homebrew.
    Copying starts, and when I go to PSP/GAME, I see the homebrew I installed.

    Yet, there is NO way to open them using X or O is anyone else having this problem?

    Kind Regards

  25. Thats because they need to be installed in the vhbl folder. Make the INSTALL.ZIP like this
    ULESXXX/INSTALL.ZIP and inside the it should look like this. /PSP/VHBL/SNESXXX

    Here are a bunch already to go here but you need to redo the install zip to inculde these folder, PSP/VHBL/SNES or that whatever you are installing.

    • Thanks, I swear I did that already… After 8 straight hours I might be seeing ghosts. Gonna call it a day. Will try again tomorrow. Thank you.

      • Well I seen you say psp/game and I know that folder is off limited to FW 3.57 or 3.60.

        • Indeed, that’s what I tried at first. Now, it isn’t any better when using PSP/VHBL (and it sure as hell can’t be the INSTALL.ZIP :p), i’m updating from VHBL 0.11 to 0.12. Try to see if 0.12 is compatible with 3.57.

  26. Hey maybe you or somebody else can help me. I am on 3.57 and I have everything ready, the only Problem I have is, that the save File does not show up in the Content Manager (PC -> Vita) the only way I can get it on the Vita is, if I create a Savegame on the Vita(real one), then load that on the Computer and then Copy&Paste/Replace the Folder into that Savegame. But if I load the Save and “Edit Message” it just throws me out of the Game. I am just lost on where the Problem could be. Thanks!

    • Ok found the Problem, I did not reload the Database in qcma, so it did not copy all the Files and they only showed up after I transfered a Save from the ps to the pc. After that the VHBL Savegame showed up and I could copy it. Ingame everything worked then.

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