Get ready PS3 FW 4.78 & PSVita FW 3.57 coming this January

Well, we know the time was coming for a new FW update for the PSVita but the PS3 I’m 50/50 on that one not much to update there really.  The PSVita & PSTV it was just a matter of time with new PS4 updates or some other things they might have to fix..cough cough..  This is from PlayStation Japan and the update looks like it has something to do with Facebook ending, which I thought that whole facebook crap was over with back in September 2015 but whatever.

psvita fw 3.57

So get what you need from the store now if you plan on staying on 3.55FW as we have no idea what this new FW is going to do like always but my guess is they fixed the pboot trick and maybe the modded app.db file in the PSVita or PSTV. We will let you know what we find once its released until then have fun with your online services until the 20th on this month..

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  1. Holy crap.
    I hope the ps3 method wih mimana will work with 3.55 as well.

  2. Just bought a Vita 3 days ago. It’s Firmware was 3.35.
    I decided to update it yesterday to 3.55 in order to transfer.
    I purchased Miana Iyar Chronicle literally 5 minutes before the update rolled out.
    Being forced to update to 3.57 It says the exploit save file is corrupt.

  3. Do you we really need to update the FW to use QCMA or CMA to upload files on vita?
    Or is there any way around this?

    • You can freely transfer anything you have already on your Vita or backed up between each other with QCMA or Open CMA blocking PSN access but you can’t download anything from PSN. The same goes for a PS3 on <4.78. You have a day or two where you can download boughten games off PSN by adding them to your download queue (from the download list) from a web browser, turn the wifi on on the Vita and putting it to sleep. It will download from your queue and install. Get it while you can because it will be the last time you can while keeping your homebrew (without another exploit coming along).

  4. Sooo does this mean that they will also remove the other extra crap that nobody uses like sing star? That would be an update somebody might care about…

  5. My sons ps3 made him do an update today 4. Something he can’t remember and now all we get is a black screen and it says no signal and if I hold the on off button it will not shut off

    • First, try turning the power on and hold the button until it beeps twice then let go. If it still doesn’t show anything then try getting it into the recovery menu with these steps — . If it shows on the screen then choose option 2. Try booting up again and if it won’t then go back into the recovery menu and choose 4. If that doesn’t work then you will have to put the system update on a flash drive (named /PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PBP) and use option 6.

  6. You can get around this with the vita update blocker follow the instructions and you can get around it. I don’t know how long this will work though. Also how does one get custom bubbles without the exploit game can I use an old exploit game or can I help see if there is an exploit somewhere.