PSVita: Atelier Esche & Logy Plus – Limited Edition Physical Run Pre-Orders!

A wonderful game in it’s own right, this enhanced PSVita port of the well-received PS3 version is getting an extremely limited physical run! While those in America can pre-order from NIS America, for the rest of the western world, we’ll only see a digital release; we’re happy to have these in our inventory!atelier-escha-logy-plus-alchemists-of-the-dusk-sky-limited-edit-451655.12
So what are the things to look forward to with this particular release? Aside from all the limited edition goods: a 36-page full color, softcover art book, a single-disc soundtrack of 30 tracks with jewel case, one tear-resistant poster (18″x24″), and a Collector’s box, this Vita release comes with a wealth of additional gameplay content that both veterans and newcomers can enjoy and discover – make sure to reserve yours now!atelier-escha-logy-plus-alchemists-of-the-dusk-sky-limited-edit-451655.11

A New Story: Exclusive to the Vita version, new chapters focus on the deeper development between the two main characters Escha & Logy; players can decide based on their actions on whether the protagonist relationship is a romantic or platonic one. This features cutscenes, new dialogue, and a great new perspective on these endearing characters.

New Characters: Nio, the key protagonist in Atelier Ayesha from the first of the Dusk series is now a playable character with her own side story; she comes equipped with powerful support and attack skills which will definitely help in the adventure. As well, characters from past DLCs – Wilbell, Katla, and Micie – join as additional battle units!atelier-escha-logy-plus-alchemists-of-the-dusk-sky-limited-edit-451655.9
Unique Boss Enemies: Additional enemies including those from the PS3 version DLC (as well as new areas on the map) are combined with extremely difficult enemies and bosses only for this version! It’s a perfect call for master alchemists and returning veterans.

New Costumes: New costumes expand the already colorful waredrobe in the Plus series, and these will be for characters like Escha, Logy, Linca, Willbell & Nio.atelier-escha-logy-plus-alchemists-of-the-dusk-sky-limited-edit-451655.8

Save Data Link: by linking the save data from Atelier Totori Plus, Atelier Meruru Plus, and Atelier Rorona Plus, players can get accessories related to each game. There’re even accessories from other games like Deception such as the pumpkin head trap, so long as there is save data available.

Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (Limited Edition) (PlayStation Vita, US)
US$ 64.99 

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