VitaShell 0.4 released!

Developer TheFlow has just released a new update to his homebrew known as VitaShell to reach v0.4 via twitter.

If you still don’t know VitaShell, it’s a .velf Homebrew file to use with Rejuvenate which lets you browse some of your PSVita’s internal files with full writing support on pspemu directory and some other extra features, such as a FTP server, images/text/hex viewer, RAR/ZIP/7ZIP extraction, etc…

The v0.4 presents many improvements to the UI and a new useful feature that lets the user exit any homebrew launched from VitaShell and return directly into VitaShell without the need to restart it from scratch.

The Flow also posted a video on Twitter  to show this new feature earlier:

This is the complete official changelog of v0.4:
Changelog 0.4:
- Added experimental feature: Holding START to force exit homebrews.
- Added battery symbol by Ruben_Wolf.
- Switched to official PGF font.
- Changed triangle-menu animation to ease-out.
- Improved mark all/unmark all feature.
- Fixed percentage precision in progress bar.
- Fixed small bug in move operation.

Download: VitaShell v0.4

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